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How To Increase Desire. . . Are You The High Desire Partner?

Very few people have true desire disorders and instead are mostly just bored with their sex together. Some people hold back their desire because they are afraid if they really enjoy it, they will lose it and be heartbroken. This is no way to live. Break those cycles. You want to know how to increase desire in women?  Depends on the situation. If she’s just bored, there’s one choice. If she has some resistance issues and you actually need to increase her female sex drive, there’s a different option.

Hello Susan,

If I get the Revive Her Drive program, would I still need The Seduction Trilogy?



Hi Eric,

Thanks for asking for clarity on this.

Dr. Patti teaches the basics of the 4 Keys to Seduction inside Revive Her Drive but yes, I think you would be better off having both as The Seduction Trilogy builds on what you learn within Revive Her Drive.

How To Increase Her Desire

I would purchase Revive Her Drive first if you are not having great sex frequently with your wife or girlfriend now and you need to know how to increase her desire – which is completely possible.

Start by understanding why she’s not wanting sex as much as you do right now. It could be some limiting beliefs, some shame or past issue or it could be something current like weight gain or menopause (or all those things on different days). Or she could be mad at you if you are not meeting her Relationship Values™. There is a Relationship Values™ Workbook inside RHD too.

Revive Her Drive helps you understand WHAT is limiting her desire and HOW to be the man she wants to have sex with.

As you start to romance her and then awaken her sensually (both of which you learn about in Revive Her Drive) you can then study the seduction strategies and the advanced lovemaking techniques within Revive Her Drive.

She Will Take Her Pleasure With You

The Seduction Trilogy shows you how to make her offers for sex that she can easily say yes to. If she’s bored (or you are) and wants something that will increase her desire for having more sex more often with you, The Trilogy is your best bet. Plus, the third book, “Her Sexual Trainer,” gives you the strategy for training her to open up sexually and how to make it safe for her to take her pleasure with you.

Once you start getting her going again sexually, and you are using the Four Keys to Seduction from within the Seduction Trilogy to run her offers that she loves you can then add on some female orgasm techniques.

We have three kinds of Female Orgasm Techniques you can pleasure her with:

Making Her Multi-Orgasmic (free webinar – take her from one orgasm to many)

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight (make her come for 30 minutes straight with your bare hands)

Female Liquid Orgasm (help your partner experience squirting/ejaculatory orgasms)

Hope this answer helps. Let me know your questions by posting below.

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  1. I am 54 years old and have been married for 29 years. I am deeply in love with my wife but I have been frustrated for 29 years because I feel my wife does not desire me as much as I do. We have sex regularly 3-4 times a week where she orgasms once each time and I orgasm and then it is over. She sways she is very satisfied but I never find her trying to initiate at all. She is given a lot of foreplay and she is fully engorged when we have sex. I am just curious why she never shows me that she wants me. She only shows me when we have sex. She also says that she is not ready for oral sex until I orgasm, but I give her oral until she orgasms. She also can orgasm with me during penetration. I am confused what am I doing wrong

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