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One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Can you guess the percentage of singles who use online dating sites to have one-night stands?


That means if you hook up with someone, there’s a one in three chance they will sleep with you.


When you can TALK EFFORTLESSLY to a woman, the possibility for attraction, dating, even lovemaking increases tenfold. (We women looooove to talk.)  

If “what to say” is hard for you, check out the link below and you can stay completely relaxed, with no anxiety — even with a drop-dead gorgeous gal!

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Find out how to create that “I feel like I’ve known you for years” feeling with a total stranger.


Moreover, Dr. Helen Fisher, who conducted this study for Match also wrote a book called, “Why Him? Why Her?”

She says there are four personality types, each containing character and temperament traits.

Geneticists are finding traits linked with our DNA called behavior syndromes.


“If you have a biological appetite to seek novelly, you are also likely to be energetic, spontaneous, risk taking, curious and creative. If you are predisposed to be traditional instead, you are also likely to be loyal, cautious, respectful of authority and eager to make  plans and follow schedules. We express constellations of related biological traits, creating what are commonly called personality types.” – Helen Fisher


The four broad types Dr. Fisher found steer us toward specific romantic partners:

  • The Explorer
  • The Builder
  • The Director
  • The Negotiator

There is a chemistry to dating and if you know the personality types that complement yours, you can find your play mate, help mate, mind and soul mate more easily.

There is a quiz inside the book, which you can easily get from your public library.

Find out what your PRIMARY/SECONDARY personality types are and what type matches you.That will help you winnow down the “meet and greets” while dating online.

I suggest you use either of these two amazing resources:


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Check both of them out. Miz taught Adam about his strategies and then Adam brought his Emmy Award winning writing skills to your hope of finding your perfect woman.

Frankly, if you’re going to find a mate or even have some dates for one night stands, you will attract a far higher quality, more beautiful woman if your profile is well written.

Both Miz and Gilad specialize in writing magnetic profiles for online dating sites.  These make A HUGE difference.

As Adam says:


“Online dating is the GREATEST, BIGGEST, MOST DELICIOUS BUFFET of WOMEN in the history of the world.”


Note: The data for the 31% comes from Dr. Helen Fisher’s research “Singles In America.” See the whole report by clicking the link below:

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One Comment

  1. Tallulah
    I was in an online dating agency in Ukraine for nearly 4 years while living in San Francisco.

    I had one date for dinner in 2011. We plan to marry in a few months. After many emails, I learned how important words are to a REAL women.

    Now I am learning all kinds of stuff from PLM. And telling her what I am learning. She is hot to squirt in my face.
    Matt Donnelly

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