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My Throat Is As Juicy As My Puss Puss

My Throat Is As Juicy As My Puss Puss

Get A Slow Teasing Blow Job Where She Takes You All The Way In

For the last few years I’ve really been getting into giving my man oral. And I’ve noticed that my throat and mouth have gotten more and more open and turned on. I used to give a man a BJ for his pleasure, but now. . .

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Get Her To ORAL 1

I take MY PLEASURE on his cock. Start here:

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As I’ve gotten more and more into suckling him, I’ve gotten more and more pleasure out of it. And as I’ve wanted to bring him deeper and deeper inside my throat, I’ve noticed that there have been different kinds of fluids that have occurred in the process.

In the beginning, my mouth was dry. But I learned a trick where I swirl my tongue around my gums with my lips closed.

Do this a few times and pretty soon you’ve got a good head of spit worked up. That first bit of fluid is simply saliva. But this is where it gets interesting. . .

After a few minutes of oral appreciation on my man, a very liquid, clear fluid runs out of my throat, out of my mouth and down onto his member. It starts out more clear and liquidy, and  the longer I’m pleasuring him, the more viscous it gets. I stroke the inside of my throat with his member. And this starts to give me orgasms. All I need to do is lower myself down on his member and take my time. And in a few short minutes I have a lot of fluid and I’m starting to come.

After a while the liquid becomes more viscous and thicker. Sometimes it’s white, sometimes it’s milky, and sometimes it’s clear.

As I become more aroused, different fluids come out of my throat. And what I’ve noticed over time, as I’ve begun to relax and enjoy myself more and more, is that I’m squirting fluid from my throat onto his manhood. A lot of fluid is generated in my throat and mouth and that runs out and down over his manhood and testicles.

That fluid is a lubricant. It is not spit. It is another substance that comes only when I’m highly aroused by giving oral pleasure to a man.

Furthermore, when that juicy fluid starts running, my throat gets very slippery. Once my throat and his member is fully lubricated, he can actually make love to my throat while I hold myself still and relax on him.

As I got better and better at giving oral, and started to enjoy it more and more, I’ve liked to let go of the reins.

This is pure surrender to bliss. I surrender to the sensation. I surrender to his stroke in my throat and mouth.

I end up in rapture and very complete turn on.

My man and I have gotten very good at doing this together. He knows how far he can go. And he knows the rhythm I like. And he knows how to stop and let me breathe before he starts again. Yes, he’s tuned in to my biofeedback. But he also knows The Blow Job Secret.

What My Guy Knows That Turned Me Into An Oral Addict (His cock is just a regular one. He just knew The Blow Job Secret.

In a beginning, sure, every once in a while he would gag me a little bit. And it took time for me to open my throat and relax to the point where I enjoyed the feeling of his members sliding down in and out.

But now I find that I love to give my man oral. And I really love when he does the stroking and I just enjoy him plumbing my depths.

I love it so much that sometimes I just tell him to drop his pants right where he is.

Sometimes it’s just three little licks. Sometimes it’s more.

The great thing about it is that I never get any pressure from my man to give more than I want to give. I think this is one of the best secrets about training your woman to love to give you oral sex.

It’s never expecting more than she wants to give. And of course my man trims himself really well and grooms himself really well. (These two trimmers work perfectly together to groom your cock and balls to perfection.)

I hope some of this information has been helpful to you.

If you have had similar experiences with regard to the liquid and saliva in a woman’s throat when she’s giving you oral sex, please post your comments below. By sharing we can all grow together.

I don’t think that many everyday women are doing what I’m doing… but they would if they knew how hot it is to give a guy oral pleasure!

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Sending you big hugs today. Thanks for being on my list and thanks for listening to me tell you about my life experiences. I hope it warmed at least your heart!


  1. I love giving oral and my man would rather do that than anything else. I too get off sucking his cock and my mouth lubricates itself. It’s amazing and we practice every night for at least an hour.

    • i really want this from my partner

  2. Wow, that was HOT! You can bet that I am going to talk to her about this, LOL
    I know that I drip pre-cum, as she has her way, and it just gets slipperier as she goes, and she loves the sweet taste… I am so lucky to have her, we both LOVE giving oral! Hell this may make her want to even more, I could be in trouble, lol, my kind of trouble!
    I always share your posts with her, thanks again!

  3. Wow you must be an angel from heaven! My wife has not had sex with me in 16 years. As I look back on our sex life I realize that she was faking orgasms and the sex was just a means to an end. With the end being for me to impregnate her so she could have the children she so dearly wanted. Then sex became her number one weapon to use against me. I have been looking for a FWB or NSA casual sex for the past couple of years but it seems the only way to get it is to pay for it.

  4. For some reason I got knocked PLM’s email list. Could you start sending me emails gain.

  5. Damn Sloane, you need to offer a course on this. The more I read
    the hotter the room became. Fortunately my wife has excellent oral skills but like anything, perfecting skills is a wonderful thing in a relationship.

  6. After reading this article ,i really want a blowjob that is slow and teasing taking me all in ,I love to eat her it turns me on knowing she loves me eating her and making her melt in my mouth.

  7. In my sexual journey through life, blow jobs have always been my favorite! I have found one thing that’s most often true: It’s hard to find a womsn who won’t suck your cock, but it’s equally hard to find one that wiil admit it! Oh, and another thing, there are more that can deepthroat than can’t deepthroat. Practice, practice, practice, ladies!

    • Yes Bobby, even today, for women there’s still a huge conflict between loving our sexuality, and not wanting to be insulted as slutty. It’s a sad thing, and good for you realising that this is so, and that many women will not talk about it…but will enjoy themselves enjoying you enjoying yourself.

  8. l love oral sex both ways!…45 women from lands have tasted me and mine! its greaat1//AS A MAN SAID IT TO ERR IS HUMAN BUT IT FEELS DIVINE! ANOTHER TOLD ME…WHEN WITH A DAME KEEP ABREAST! IF NOT IT’S PERFECT TO FEEL LOW-DOWN!


  9. Wow i appreciate this.thanks sloane

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