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“The Visual Inch”

“The Visual Inch”

Here’s an easy idea for instantly adding one inch to the length of your manhood.


Do you know what that is?

It’s personal grooming, “down there.”

If you haven’t yet shaved your testicles and cut back your pubic hair close to your body, it’s time Stud! You’ll give yourself a “visual inch” when you groom yourself.

AND your lady will be much more inclined to play with your equipment.

These are the two trimmers I use and so does my man:

Shaver 1 trims the long hair close to your body without cutting you or causing bumps.

Enable images to see the Femini beaver shaver


Shaver 2 is used after you shorten all the hair down. Shaver 2 trims your hair right to the skin line but doesn’t lift and cut like a razor. It does not cause ingrown hairs or bumps.

Enable images to see the Cleancut circular razor


This combination works perfectly together and makes your manhood look more impressive and attractive to us women.

Get all the details by going here. <=== Beaver Shaver Set For The Visual Inch

Give it a try!

Did you see my article on how to get her to shave her puss bush? Some guys like the big, hairy taco, others like it smooth as a baby’s buns… Others fall in the middle somewhere. If you like a little bush grooming, these shavers work just as well on her. You can share them as a couple to make it even easier to be perfectly groomed for your lover’s lapping and licking of your sexy bits.


  1. Be a man and just use a razor

    • be a man and wax it, she will like it even more, and so will her pussy.

      • and it won’t itch when it grows back in.

    • That’s what I do.

  2. hi, i use veet shower hair removal, it takes it all off with no pain and no itching

    • Veet hurt like shit. Went for the shave option!

      • The Beaver Shaver and Trimmer are really great tools, Tim.

  3. if a woman suggested she wouldn’t touch me unless i shaved i’d suggest she didn’t slam the door on her way out.

    • I would let the door hit me in my fine ass on the way out

  4. Yes Susan I do have to agree I find manscaping very invigorating and makes me feel so much cleaner and more attracted and confident around women and they will feel more appreciated that I took the time to look good. I also want to thank you for your recommended products which I will have to get because I have tried a few but I sometimes get those nicks and bumps which are not fun.

  5. I get lasered as does my lady… always smooth.. no stubble

  6. I prefer Nair, make sure you follow the directions It does burn a little but MAN UP! Get in the shower and rinse it off while you shower and it will last a very long time before you have to do it again. Just make sure you wear a condom only so far down to the area that the hair is that you want to remove. Trust me it will last a long time. 5 minutes on time. no pain no gain.

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