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New Year’s Resolution – Stop Procrastinating

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If there’s one thing that makes a woman’s “flower” shrivel up and die, it’s THIS…

Does the beginning of a new year find you making lists, resolutions and goals?

If are you are ready to accomplish great things, but your procrastination holds you back. . . Here’s a way to get ‘er done!

When you are achieve your goals, women NOTICE. No matter how much a woman WANTS to feel turned on by you – she can’t – if you lack focus, {FIRSTNAME Sweetheart}.

If there’s one thing that makes a woman’s sex drive sputter and die like a car out of gas… It’s a man who doesn’t (or CAN’T) take action and get things done.

When you’re not taking action as much as you should. . . When you procrastinate, and put things off.  When you can’t focus and make things happen for yourself. . . Women can SENSE it,  and – on a deep, primal level – are repulsed.

If procrastination and lack of focus are problems for you, then simply resolving or deciding that you’re going to change aren’t going to help you.

You need a PLAN for defeating them – a plan that doesn’t rely on ‘willpower’ or ‘discipline’

A plan like this:

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After struggling for years with procrastination, my friend Zach finally  ‘cracked the code’ on how to cut off your urge to procrastinate at the source.

Now you can become the type of powerful, impressive, leader of a man that women love. . . and that you – in your quiet moments – know that you want to be.

For many men, this is the missing piece of the puzzle. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you make 2014, the year you become a man who takes consistent action.

Don’t let procrastination rob you of the man that you could be.

No matter how much you learn about sexual techniques or methods for turning women on –  if you don’t have this part of your life together, a woman will sense it, and she’ll never look at you with the aching desire for you that you deserve.

You know that feeling you have when you’re super-productive? That feeling of power, control, and optimism about the future?

Zach’s figured out how to give yourself this feeling every single day.

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