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Are You Getting Excellent Results With The Flesh Light Training Unit?

Are You Getting Excellent Results With The Flesh Light Training Unit?

Have any of you tried the Flesh Light Stamina Training Unit?

I just wonder if their claims are real.

These guys have sold a zillion of these things. After looking at the hot babe on the video (link visible to Personal Life Media members only – must be logged in) I can see why!

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How clever is that shower mount? I think I need one of those for my vibrator!


Comment below if you have any experience with this you can share. I can’t wait to hear from you.


  1. I got one of these since my wife has retired and spends a couple months out of town where it’s warm in the winter.

    Clean-up is a PITA, but it’s worth it. The sensations are not as good as the real thing (DUH!!), but damned amazing nonetheless. I’ve always had decent endurance, and this has given me the ability to edge with real-life sensations to where my control now is amazing. As we’ve aged, we’ve reached a point now where she almost always cums first, and is begging me to get to my finish. It’s become an amazing, erotic race.

    My .02.

  2. I got one of these and the results are amazing. you’l definitely stand a better chance with one as opposed to without plus its cheap just do it 😀

  3. But where is the link to the video?

  4. To those who are willing to explore:
    I am a long time customer of their products. If your mate is no longer able/willing (due to many factors) to participate in intimate relations, and you don’t want to “cum” into another ;-( than this is the next best thing. As masturbation aids go ( and I’ve tried many) this product line is affordable and with your choice of video input,can provide as close to a satisfying experience as you can get next to real.
    The shower mount only works on “very” smooth surfaces, so if your splash walls or shower stall doors are textured – don’t bother – If you get it to stick is fun.
    As to Ms.Fox wanting to attach a vibrator (?) well, I have a much better toy .. but that is another blog.
    Enjoy !

  5. I have a bunch of fleshlights, honestly I find the fleshlight girls ones with realistic openings and varied inner textures feel a lot better and some of them more real than the STU. I have only used the STU a few times, in general they are pretty good at practicing edging though I am not sure how much it has really helped in the bedroom. For the price, quality and great sensations they provide, definitely worth it overall!

  6. how do i get one of thease and how much doe’s it cost?

  7. I have 4 Fleshlight girls. No begging. Like or better than the real thing.

  8. I have two different Fleshlight units each with a different internal texture and plastic case. My favorite is the clear insert and case as I like to see what the depth of penetration is and would be with a female partner. In the absence of before and after measurable results it’s difficult to judge the “training effect” but does it really matter? Probably not. According to legend a visitor once asked Commodore Vanderbilt the the price if his yacht. The Commodore replied “if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.”

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