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Circumcision Blowback

Circumcision Blowback

Many of the men on our list were OUTRAGED at my recent article covering Sheri Winston’s opinion that circumcised men experience genital mutilation and circumcision reduces sensation in a man’s penis.

Circumcision With Sheri Winston and Susan Bratton <=== Watch The Video


Read the Backstory Here <=== Original Article That Made Men Mad

I’ve written all the comments you sent in below about circumcision pros and cons and got Sheri on video this week to respond.

Sheri gave us circumcision facts and explained why she is against circumcision. She also covered circumcision side effects, religious information, circumcision facts, and health effects of circumcision.

The biggest question for men was, “Does circumcision affect pleasure?” And if so, what can be done about it.

She also explains a weird reason why, 100 years ago, circumcision went beyond the Jewish faith and got a foothold in America. Wait until you hear how circumcision became so prevalent!

Circumcision Interview With Sheri Winston

As always, I am here to love you, respect you, and support you in your sexual growth and pleasure.

Please don’t take my good intentions as disrespect. For as many men who are perfectly fine with their circumcision, there are as many men who would have preferred the choice.

You make your own decisions about what is right for you.


Here are the comments, verbatim, from our Insider’s Club members: (Sheri responded to these comments in the video.)

***Names withheld for privacy

-What about Jewish men who do it because of our religious beliefs?

-Long time reader first time writer. I’m circumcised. But I still give my fiancé orgasm after orgasm. Should I need worry about this?

-You say circumcision is bad. I am circumcised and a ) It means I last longer ( good for the ladies ) and b) it is a huge protection from HIV.

-Good evening. I felt compelled to write back to you today concerning this article that you sent out today. The language used and the accusatory tone really put me off. You make circumcision sound like a horrible thing. On top of that, you ignore the religious background and also the health background that it holds. Circumcised men tend to have less issues with penis health and studies have shown that circumcised men do not get HIV as easily as non-circumsised men. On top of this, how often do issues arise that put the health of the man in jeopardy due to an infection in the foreskin? Before putting out articles put such a negative tone on something, especially this topic, please do some background research. Thank you.

-What a load of rubbish. She and you are so way off base! Your whole credibility is now in doubt!!!

-Circumcision for jewish men has a special religious significance. it is not considered genital mutilation. in addition, so many men are circumcised that they will not like what you say, and not want to grow it back ,many due to religious reasons – the jewish tradition. why should men be given reason to build up feelings of antagonism to their parents….and to their learned religion. i could say more ,,,, but i will not. btw i am jewish and love sex with circumcised cocks.women do not have orgasms for many many reasons. you know that. it is not the ‘mutilated male genital”—how about all kinds of psychological stuff in the woman’s head, how about lack of technique—-do you really think men who have that foreskin get more orgasms? what studies have been done –i mean properly done statistical studies with control groups over many years time with different ages and with very detailed work beforehand to make sure exact same techniques are used——impossible to do without error. i studied statistics. no way.

-This is utter nonsense and rubbish science.i am surprised that you perpetuate such dribble.

-Absolutely BS

-Hahahahahaha! This is very possibly the most ridiculous load of horse shit I have ever read – and THAT is saying something.

-In 3rd world countries, and in pockets where circumcision is not done. Cervical cancer in women is much higher!

-It is our religion and our ancestors right and cleaner for our bodies also out women very pleased with us more than how are not circumsised ok

-Is this the OTHER side of the coin? What was God thinking? I always understood that circumcision made things BETTER?

-Where do you get your data to support such statements? Has anyone done double-blind studies to show differences in circimcised and uncircumcised men? My wife is easily able to have an orgasm during intercourse with my circumcised penis. I have never had any anger or emotional issues from being circumcised and actually prefer my penis the way it is. I have talked anecdotally with uncut men and we don’t seem to have any differences other than the need for slightly more cleanliness.Sorry but I am not “buying” your assertions. I did note that most of them were made by women with no scientific substantiation.Ideally every man would have the opportunity to decide for himself based on facts not opinions.

-Susan ,I for one found that Sheri Winston’s argument about circumcision to be total bullshit . Being that she doesn’t even have a penis , her argument is based on assumption . What emotional trauma ? When a kid is circumcised , he’s too young to even remember any pain later on after he heals . The only physical trauma would be if the procedure wasn’t done correctly . The number one advantage to circumcision is cleanliness and if there is any loss of sensation , it’s minimal . The graphic of a penis being held by two forceps is laughable and what kid is going to have that much pubic hair ?!!!I’m a circumcised male of 60 plus years and in all that time I’ve never had a loss of sensation.

-What a crock of shit !!!!!

-I’m not agree with this article. I’m circumciside at 6 year olde and i have now 66 years. No problem from my penis . May be my libido is not good sufficent now.

-Yes, I discovered this same information about a year ago and realised this is one reason why my woman and I have had such troubles over the years. I am now in process of restoring also, a year has got me about 1/3 of the way to where I want to get using TLC-X_Tugger.

-Keep the penis covered…

I always appreciate every comment you send me. If you have more to say, please post your comments under the video:

Video Of Sheri and Susan Talking About Circumcision <=== Watch Now


  1. The saddest comment I read in the “blowback” was the guy who says an infant is too young to remember the pain later. Sure, just like sexually abused young girls can suppress the memories most of their lives. This is a brutal, primitive custom almost on par with female genital mutilation. I am in total agreement with everything Sherry says, and I am a circumsized male, and I KNOW it affected me.

  2. Biblical circumcision – “Brit Milah” (as practiced by Abraham and all Israel up to about the 1st century CE) only involved cutting off that portion of the foreskin that extended beyond the tip of the glans.
    By contrast most modern circumcised men have experienced the “Periah” circumcision that Rabbinical Judaism practiced from about the 1st century CE to prevent Jews from regrowing their foreskins. This involved removing all of the loose foreskin (and often also excised portions of the frenulum) to a point behind the glans. Most of us can see the scar anything up to a full centimeter from the glans.
    Western medical practice inherited this “Periah” method from Rabbinical Judaism. Most Western countries ceased this routine medical practice in the 1960s and 70s, but it continued unabated in the USA right up to the beginning of this century.

    • Thanks for pointing that out! It’s a very important, yet little known fact.

  3. I loved this video. I am glad sex educators are talking about how circumcision harms couples sex lives. It needs to be talked about more. I also wanted to say the only thing not touched on was that back in biblical times circumcision was a pin prick on the tip. It didn’t become full removal of the foreskin until the 1900’s when it was used as a masturbation deterant. Anyhow keep up the good work.

  4. Circumcision is bad, plain and simple. Thank for declaring the Emperor has no clothes.

    Circumcision has done me no favors! I love when my wife and I partake in one of the most intimate and beautiful experiences in life, but for me it can be a very dark experience on occasion because part of my body was altered against my will. Without the mechanical lubrication provided by a foreskin, I have to use an artificial lubricant or sex would be too painful for my wife and me. Climax is not the same for me as it is for my wife or for Natural (Intact) males. They describe orgasm as a wave all over the body, while a mutilated male (circumcised) expresses it as a singular explosion (bordering on pain) from the penis. Imagine not wanting your wife to touch you as you lay crying on your back from shame and pain due to sores caused by abrasion and/or at times a complete and total loss of erection and feeling. The foreskin contains 20,000 fine touch nerves (like in your fingers) and provides protection of the glans (head) keeping it soft and sponge like, all in an effort to ensure everything works properly. My parent’s chose this painful and unsatisfactory sex life for me and my wife and I simply cannot fathom why. I would never have chosen to have my foreskin removed. Only 1/16,667 intact males will have a problem with their foreskin, 99% of which can easily be treated without surgery. One hundred and seventeen babies die from circumcision a year in the US, which equates to 9/100,000 babies that die each year from a cosmetic surgery. Men have lost their penis, glans, and suffered from deformity caused by the operation performed when they were infants. It isn’t right that these children pay the price for a decision that their parents made, a decision that should be left up to the owner of the penis. Even those who survive still have problems like mine, though they are seldom discussed. 

  5. Nicely done, Sheri and Susan. This is such a triggering topic, and understandably so.

  6. I think it is barbaric.

    I would never put my children through it.

    And to think that it was done rutinely in the US(A) until recently, makes me aghast, and ask myself: how are we in the USA (and Canada) more advanced than those in Zaire, (perhaps we are in some ways, esp. technologically, but hey, the circumcision is a no, no, “thank you very much” ?).

    Rev. Fr. D. B.

  7. Agree fully! Circumcision harms both genders. Minors should not be subjected to genital cutting of any kind without COMPELLING URGENT MEDICAL NEED.

    Why are humans so preoccupied with cutting up genitalia? There are so many forms, tuli, imbalu, sunat, bris, pharonic, with differing degrees of damage. There is no need to alter genitals. It does not benefit health or sexuality to start cutting on healthy tissue.

    Healthy behaviors prevent sti’s. Hpv has more to do with number of unprotected encounters than anything else.

  8. Remember men, that your most important tool in sexuality is not actually your ‘tool’.

    If you are cut and are learning this information for the first time, knowing that can help to soften the blow and allow you to realize that it need not affect your sexual confidence at all.

    But it can help your unborn sons experience a richer life if you have the bravery to protect them!

    You’d be amazed at the additional sensitivity a bit of taping will start to bring!

    Biblical Jewish circumcision was quite minimal, as pointed out in a post above. IMHO if G*d didn’t want men to feel the pleasure, He wouldn’t have equipped them in this way.

    • hi jonathan, i was interested in your comments about male circumcision and was just wondering what you meant about taping? im circumcised myself and am curious about this concept as i feel a lack of sensitivity.

      • Hi Leo,
        From the context I believe that taping refers to pulling what loose skin you have up over the glans and taping in place while you go about your daily business…
        As you can imagine, an erection will blow this completely (pun intended) as will requirement to pee, but the idea is keep the glans covered so that it gradually softens and resensitises.

  9. Land of the free? No… land of the brainwashed masses. The men you quote are like sheep that willingly go to the slaughter.

    Now, it is impressive that the penis can still function for so many men after that much nerve damage is done. Some of us were not so lucky.

  10. There is a difference between a tender head that has been protected as we have been made, and a piece of leather which has been rubbing against the elements.
    Sometimes the cut is advisable in certain environments.
    It must be kept clean as all genital areas.
    All I can say is that due to that little protective skin I am very sensitive in that area and I can enjoy sex better with that tender bit protected by skin.

  11. Too bad there has been so much misinformation about circumcision. I am intact and enjoy my skin. I have fashioned rubber bands that hold my skin back keeping my gland fully exposed after a week or so sensitivity would decrease no more. Sex was no better. I also love masturbation. Skin or no skin does not matter . I have found so many ways to do it. I am 73 and still enjoy long times at it.

  12. I agree that this decision should have been and always should be left to the person with the penis. I didnt have this very personal choice and never would choose this to be done. Very sad this is forced on babies. Something I have left to my son to decide.

  13. If circumcision is wrong why does the WHO promote it across Africa as the best way to protect men from HIV. This virus enters under the foreskin. Once circumcised the skin is as resistant as the rest of your body. As for sensitivity the alternative way to protect yourself is by using condoms which inherently inhibit sensitivity.

  14. That is a lot of nonsence i am 60 yrs old and since birth lived cut and had many many woman and all prefered me to other guys as we can pleasure them much – much more than uncut guys and we also can last longer and after ejagulation us cut guy’s take a long time to go limp and are mutch harder.

    • Isn’t it amazing the range of opinions on this subject, Gary?

  15. hi susan and sheri, ive just been listening to your discussion on male circumcision and was very impressed about the knowledge and understanding of the subject. as a man of 64 i have always felt cheated that i was circumcised when i was a baby, i was assured by my parents that it was for medical reasons, but ive always thought that if i had not had this procedure , i might have had a much more enjoyable sex life. anyway i just want to commend you both for what you are doing in bringing this subject to light and keep up the good work your doing in making people aware of issues like this. many thanks,Leo.

  16. Thank you for taking a stand against male genital mutilation MGM against infants who are unable to choose. Circumcision is barbaric and even the Jews are moving away from this witch doctor practice. It is medically unnecessary and the scarring and lower performance is not worth the risk.

    Circumcision causes unnecessary deaths of infant boys. Even Natalie Portman chose not to circumcise her son and Natalie’s husband is not circumcised as well.

  17. sexuallity is all in the mind all of you people have no idea .your beliefs are what are real for you change your beliefs and see what you have ????

  18. If you research circumcision, you will find that when women who have had partners both cut and intact are asked, the vast majority of them prefer the intact penis. I know that the reduced sensitivity affects me, and the tightness caused by tissue removal is sometimes painful. My son and grandson are intact and my son is grateful that we did not mutilate him. There is an excellent resource and free ebook about the issue at sexasnatureintendeditThere are also many sites with information about restoring foreskin.

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