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How To Find A Good Woman To Date Or Marry

This hilarious video explains how to find a good woman to date or marry.

Make sure to watch all the way to the end. There’s a surprise that explains why you need to be very, very cautious if you meet a woman that is very hot and not at all crazy!

There is also a chart on how women can find good men that’s equally poignant.


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3 Responses

  1. I agree woman are human beings and when you treat them the way you want to be treated then you have your miracle. Just goes to saying do the right choices be a gentlemen, be respectful, kind, take the time. Get away from thinking that we have instant gratification, get away from that stupid thinking. Work to appreciate her.

  2. Please tell me you do not take into consideration the crap this fool is telling you. How many woman over the 5 factor has he dated? If you are stupid enough to think finding a beautiful intelligent funny and respectable woman is like performing a science experiment, you are as stupid as the fool in this video.

    Here is the hottest tip you will ever receive, women are people!!! They are not lab rats, science experiments, psychological tests, they are people with thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, they care as much as the next person about those who they love. If one of their loved ones were injured you would see their soul.

    A beautiful woman wants to be treated like a person. She is not looking for someone to hit on her, she is looking for someone who has enough chivalry to treat her like a person. She is hit on all the time, it makes perfect sense why she rejects men who hit on her.

    How many men treat a beautiful woman like a person. I bet you the list can be counted with one hand. Now there is a brilliant opportunity revealed.

  3. LMAO but so true. And by the way I would also include female artists in that “danger zone”. Never met one that wasn’t insane in some way.

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