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Sexual Training Communication Model: Getting More Orgasmic Pleasure

Sexual Training communication model

You can have even more orgasmic pleasure together when you use this Sexual Training communication model in the bedroom.

“I like the way you are circling my clit. Could you make the circles smaller and go more slowly? Ah, that feels even better. Thank you.”


Many partners are afraid to give their lover “constructive feedback.”

Nobody wants to “ruin the moment” or hurt someone’s feelings.

But if you teach your lover THIS method, you will be able to escalate your sexual experiences, dial in your techniques and deliver MORE PLEASURE, faster, better, and more easily.

This is called a “Training Cycle,” in the parlance of an Expanded Orgasm practice.

Here’s the framework:

  • Acknowledge what is working.
  • Make a request.
  • Acknowledge what you asked for that’s working.

Repeat as needed.

When you emphasize what IS WORKING and what could be better instead of focusing on what is not working or what is wrong, both partners win and more pleasure is created.

Here is an example:

“I like the way you are circling my clit. Could you make the circles smaller and go more slowly? Ah, that feels even better. Thank you.”

Here’s another example:

“I love when you touch my balls as your holding the head of my cock in your mouth. Could you tickle them lightly instead of rub them? Ah, that feels even better. Thank you.”


“I love when you touch my breasts and I want you to encourage you to spend a lot more time playing with them. And, instead of going right for the nipples, could you instead lift them and stroke the undersides and all around the tops? That feels better, but could you also go even higher, up to my collarbones, and up and down my breastbone when you are stroking my breasts? Yeah, I love that. Thank you.”

Do you see how this makes giving feedback safe?

A well-trained lover surrenders his or her ego to the goals of more fun, pleasure and turn-on.

Let me know if you use this Training Cycle and how it worked for you.

If you have any trouble at all talking to your partner about your desire for more variety in your sex life, I highly recommend my downloadable book and audiobook called, Be Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sexual Responses.

I wrote it. Sloane recorded the ebook in an incredibly sexy voice. This is POWERFUL information not taught anywhere else.

Be Her Sexual Trainer It’s Part of The Seduction Trilogy

Why is this book that every woman hopes you will read before your next erotic encounter?

  • You’ll learn how to recognize what she wants sexually.
  • You will discover how to communicate openly and honestly about what pleases her – and you – sexually.
  • You’ll understand how to get her to delightfully open her vast sexual treasure trove to you. You’ll do this by mastering the art of encouraging her to reveal her deepest, most secret sexual fantasies and desires, so that they may become a reality.
  • You’ll discover how to train her sexually both without her noticing that you’re doing it (when that’s appropriate), or with her overt and enthusiastic agreement – thus initiating a sexual training program together.

How To Train Her Sexually Become The Lovers You Fantasize To Be

Are you ready to dive into hot, meltdown sex – more and better than you ever dared hope for?

Sexual Training is where it’s at.

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