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What Causes Poor Male Sexual Performance

What Causes Poor Male Sexual Performance

“I went to my Urologist last Tuesday, he said that my retained urine (after I empty my bladder) was the lowest, it had ever been.”

Do you have:

  1. Dick problems?
  2. Diabetes (type one or type 2)?
  3. High blood pressure?

Is your doc not getting to the CAUSE of your issues and just covering up the symptoms?

Read this innovative perspective:


In my trusted friend and men’s health expert Matt Cook’s work with thousands of guys he’s observed:

I have a lot of guys who are NOT fat or anything and they have high blood pressure or a spot of type two diabetes…and issues with Dr. Willie

It also frequently co-exists with prostate inflammation (having to pee often, for example) and low motivation/low energy levels.

You probably don’t know these are all from the same cause because the docs aren’t trained this way.

When was the last time your doc said, “we have to figure out the CAUSE of this?”

No, he or she thought about your complaint, or your symptoms, and said, “we’ll treat the symptoms…”

It’s either some chemical or some procedure, that’s what they are trained in

Fortunately there is a ton of research showing the causes of these problems and how to fix them — they are all either caused or correlated with internal inflammation

You can get that fixed quite often, and one of the chief ways is through eating differently.

“Matt, I was interested in your program because I do have some erection problems, and am only 53 years old. I am on blood pressure pills because I had heart issue repaired about 4 years ago. The thing that is discouraging is all the things that taste good is what u say is unhealthy.”

Fred, I get that! First, congrats, you are married, and you have a wife that actually cooks! Already you are ahead of the game.

First I’m going to address the eating and then the overall internal inflammation that is causing these problems in most men like yourself.

Internal Inflammation may come from constant stress (which I believe is the primary cause), high sugar, high carb, processed foods, lots of xeno-estrogens in our bathing products, soaps and foods…

The T Rewind system addresses precisely this — if you get the internal inflammation fixed, the dick performance comes back, the prostate gets smaller, blood pressure normalizes…


I found that the primary things everyone thinks about this approach are wrong.

You do not need vigorous exercise.

You don’t need to eat crap foods that taste horrible.

You only need some drugstore supplements (but the right types) you don’t need any expensive whiz-bang supps.

So to your point, here’s what I ate yesterday:

I fasted until lunch time, then I had:

  1. Home made guacamole and two fried eggs
  2. Half a yam
  3. Snack of potato chips fried in olive oil (this is a cheat, but I find that a handful of chips does no harm and keeps me happy)

Later I ate a handful of olives.

Dinner was grass fed beef sauteed with mushrooms, Mexican spices and onions and garlic, along with squash soup. For dessert I had another “cheat”, a handful of chocolate chips.

My eating is very high in fat, very tasty, and incredibly satisfying. I am not eating rabbit food. I eat plenty of salt.

My blood pressure went from 130/90 to 100/70 range…and I take nothing from Big Pharma.

I have seen the same type of improvement in lots of guys. Try it out, and just follow the plan in T Rewind, which has 3 levels, so you can start with level 1 and then progress to level 2, which is very easy to do and will lead to steady improvement.

I believe that over time you’ll be off your chemicals, have normal BP and the dick problems will be gone.

It’s really easy to make these changes and get the health and wood of a young man again.

If you are young and already having intermittent issues with your male member, get on this plan now, sweetie!

We girls want you to have plenty of wood for us to build a roaring hot fire

“The results of his blood test, where my Testosterone was increased from 300 to 900, and my PSA was .47.”

Stoke My Fire.

I hope this has helped. Go and click below to try out Matt’s system of getting high testosterone without Big Pharma, for just $1.

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  1. Wife is skeptical, is in medical field, I take pills for everything except blood pressure. I take Thyroid,Clonazepam for hand tremors, cholesteral medication, depression I’m 57 and I can’t remember when I got the full rockiness. I subscribe to you now, I am the guy with the old computer (afraid of downloading it)
    you sent me an e-mail for T-rewind and prostate free for 47.00, I have 3 days to respond.It has been hell, I can’t believe my wife is still with me. Not sure what I can do to convince her cause I am positive that you are legit.

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