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How To Make Her Respond In Bed

“I disagree with you, Susan.”

“I believe, turning my wife into someone who constantly thinks about romance and sensuality is nigh unto impossible.”

Here’s a message from Bill who thinks it would be impossible for some women to ever respond to the techniques inside Revive Her Drive… and my response. Scroll down to see where his thinking is preventing him from “sexcess.”



Usually, I like what you say but in this instance I need to disagree some. Not every woman is going to respond to RHD techniques. My wife becomes suspicious any time my actions and attitudes toward her change in the slightest. She is a woman who wants to be in control of herself at all times. A psychologist we saw and she quit seeing confirms this.

Implying that all women will respond this way is almost as bad as saying women will become addicted to a man who can give her multiple or A-spot of G-spot orgasms.

I think you’re bold for trying to convince men that women need constant sensual attention. But the effort is extraordinary and when the work is not rewarded, I suspect men will become less and less inclined to try.

Not all women are as open as you were to your husband’s change in approaching you. I think the world in which you and Sloane and Tullah exist is rare. Much like the world surrounding Welcomed Consensus or the OM folks. My wife doesn’t know a single woman willing to talk about sex.

Without that community and atmosphere, I believe, turning my wife into someone who constantly thinks about romance and sensuality is nigh unto impossible. Even if you were leading her in classes. And I think more women are like her than the those in the success stories you publish from time to time.

Do I think your program will work? Absolutely. Do I think the program will work on all women? Absolutely not.


Dear Bill,

I’m so glad you let me know you’re skeptical. The 4 Elements of Revival WILL work on every woman. You have just decided to believe that it won’t.

It will and here’s why.

First of all, if you think your wife won’t respond because she doesn’t have a community of women encouraging her then I respectfully submit to you that this is just an excuse you are using in your mind.

Ask even slutty women and they will tell you they don’t have much girlfriend support for their activities. They pretty much keep their bedroom antics to themselves or one very trusted friend. Women still judge each other too.

You are the man.

You are the sexual leader.

What you make OK is what is OK.

What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.

If you are not working the Four Elements of Revival outlined in great detail inside Revive Her Drive and consistently encouraging your woman and rewarding her for even the smallest of efforts, then you are the reason she’s not responding.

You could send my husband in there and she’d be having hot sex with him in less than a month. Everything he would do is outlined in Revive Her Drive.

It’s not your wife.

It’s not that she doesn’t have role models.

It’s that you are not leading her and following the plan.

You have a lot of excuses and beliefs. Throw them out. Shake things up.

Don’t RUSH the sex. Do the 4 elements IN ORDER.

If you want more ideas then I recommend you try David Shade’s work, which is just as good and a man’s perspective on how to be the sexual leader. David is featured in Revive Her Drive. Listen to it again and start working the plan.

If you need more masculine encouragement think about adding these two titles from David Shade to your knowledge base:

Be The Fucking Man  – Embrace the dominance and leadership that is the birthright of every true man, and have your woman respond powerfully to your sexual state. A must if you want your woman to experience true sexual liberation through mind-blowing pleasure.

Bring Out Her Inner Slut – How to strip away the slut shaming society has inflicted on your woman and turn her into a nymphomaniac who will do ANYTHING to please you in the bedroom (among other places.) A surefire cure for a “dead bedroom.”

You say your wife wants to be in control.

Well, that’s because you are not.

She doesn’t trust you.

She doesn’t believe YOU have a plan.

You are not making it OK for her to let her sexuality come out.

The strongest women, the biggest control freaks, LOVE to surrender to their man and just get comed really well.

The #1 thing women ask me is, “How Do I Get Him To Take Control In The Bedroom.”

Listen again to the module with Sheri Winston inside Revive Her Drive.

Once you get her really coming well she IS going to be addicted to you, Bill.

I’m sure it’s very threatening to believe that from where you are sitting.

You and I have been in correspondence for many years. I know you to be a very smart and kind and loving man.

So please take my responses in the spirit they are intended, which is to get you whipped up and off your butt and out of your head and away from the bullshit you are telling yourself which is coming from your fear of failure.

You are pinning a lot of excuses on this situation.

Start working the Four Elements and you will will.

Do not be afraid.

It’s NEVER too late.

The best sex is old people’s sex.

Go ahead and get as pissed at me as you want… but fricking TRY again.

I love you, respect you, care about you and want your sexcess.

Tease Out Her Sensuality!

Go check these titles out from David Shade. If you don’t keep learning and trying to unlock your wife’s innate sexuality, you’ll just stay cranky. David Shade gives it to you even more directly than I do. Maybe these will resonate and empower your action:

Be The Fucking Man (Log on to your Personal Life Media account to see Link Below)

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Bring Out Her Inner Slut (Log on to your Personal Life Media account to see Link Below)

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  1. My wife is on four blood pressure meds,
    .and four phys. Meds she said that she doesn’t feel,anything, she is depressed and 65yrs old. Once in a million he can have a miny orgasm, little one. Most of the time she just lays their like a corps. What can do?she doesn’t want me to play with her pussy, or lick it,or eat her out play with her tits etc!!!!!

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