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The Real Cause Of Heart Problems

The Real Cause Of Heart Problems

Is your doc wrong about heart attacks?

Read this update from Matt Cook:

What if you found out that heart attacks and heart problems are NOT caused by clogged arteries?

What if you discovered for 100% fact that heart problems are NOT caused by “plaque in the arteries?”

My dad is a physician and decades ago he had an emergency triple bypass. Then several decades later, they examined his heart and found that shortly after the surgery, the arteries all closed up again.

And yet my dad NEVER had heart problems in his life…they had given him the bypass even though he had no symptoms…just because of the theory of clogged arteries.

And as the later test revealed, his arteries got clogged again (very soon after the bypass) and it never bothered him.

What if you found out that millions of stents and angioplasties (where they put in a balloon and inflate it and pull it through to roto-rooter the arteries and clean them of plaque and open them up) and bypasses were UNNEEDED?

There is VERY solid evidence for this from scientists. The most telling research was done with heart attack victims starting in the 1970s…

One thing this revealed is that people having heart attacks have ENOUGH oxygen going to their heart…they used to think the heart got oxygen STARVED during heart attack, but this is not so.

In fact, everything your doc thinks about heart problems is probably wrong and needs to be updated.

Eventually your doc will have the latest research but for now you have to do your own homework.

The biggest cause of heart problems seems to be, to grossly simplify it, lack of pleasure in a man’s life.

Men who are dutiful, who put their head down and just work, are MUCH more likely to get heart problems…including men who work out a lot and are described as “driven” or “ambitious.”

Now are you starting to see the link?

In technical terms, as the pioneering cardiologist Thomas Cowan says:

As a result of the sympathetic increase and resulting glycolysis, a dramatic increase in lactic acid production occurs in the myocardial cells; this happens in virtually one hundred percent of heart attacks, with no coronary artery mechanism required. As a result of the increase in lactic acid in the myocardial cells, a localized acidosis occurs. This acidosis prevents calcium from entering the cells, making the cells less able to contract.
This inability to contract causes localized edema (swelling), dysfunction of the walls of the heart (hypokinesis, which is the hallmark of ischemic disease as seen on stress echoes and nuclear thallium stress tests), and eventually necrosis of the tissue—in other words, a heart attack.

The fact is, that heart attacks are caused by an imbalanced parasympathetic nervous system…and the antidote is pleasure, relaxation, having a good time…COMBINED with eating HIGH fat, LOW carbs…

It’s EXACTLY what is in my T Rewind system

  1. high fats (the good kind) and luxurious pleasurable foods
  2. great easy to find supplements that REALLY work
  3. NO self control, NO will power

Or as Dr. Cowan puts it:

The known things that nourish our parasympathetic nervous system [and are good for your heart and you] are contact with nature, loving relations, trust, economic security (a hallmark of indigenous peoples the world over) and sex—this is a whole new world of therapy for ailing hearts.

My system is GEARED to keeping your heart and you healthy, with high testosterone, for decades to come…with NO boring exercise and NO ever being hungry….and a LOT of pleasure.

Big Pharma makes BILLIONS every year on stents and surgeries and what if most of them were unnecessary? That’s what I believe.

I’m not saying, “don’t listen to your doc.” I am saying, there is a lot you can do that makes his work unnecessary….

You can turn this stuff around quicker with the T Rewind system, than almost anything else. Then when you return to the doc, he’ll go, wow, whatever you did, keep doing it!

But it’s up to you…you can live a life with procedures and side effects and fear…or you can begin turning it around with the Cook Protocol. All backed by the latest science…


–Matt Cook

Not only will you increase your testosterone, you’ll make your heart healthy following Matt Cook’s Protocol.
Check it out.

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