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The 2 Kinds Of Lovers

The 2 Kinds Of Lovers

The future of your love life depends on this.

Which of the two kinds of lovers are you?

My buddy Jim Benson, international men’s relationship coach says that in one camp are the “Strategizers,” and in the other are the “Unity” types.

One is better than the other… where one aspires to a passionate relationship full of partner pleasures…

While the other is destined to go through struggles and disconnection in their relationship.

Find Out In Which Camp Of Guys You Fit ⇐ CRUCIAL For Your Love Life (Register with just your name and email)


If you don’t know which of the two camps of men you belong to, then you’re in deep trouble.

Because that means you don’t know whether or not you’re doing what makes you truly powerful and significant in bed and inspires true love and devotion from your partner.

And if that’s the case, you NEED to sign up for this free online Workshop immediately.

You NEED to know the difference between a “Strategizer” and a “Unity” type, which one’s the better of the two, and how you can become that type of lover if you are not already…

That’s why I’m urging you to do yourself a HUGE favor and register for the Come Together Workshop Experience below. It’s a one-time Live Stream online event that is free with my personal invitation:

Workshop On Becoming A Phenomenal Lover <=== Register with your name and email for the LIVE event July 23rd 1pm Pacific

There will be a replay link, but it’s worth an hour this Saturday to attend live. See why below.


Jim Benson and I will be teaching men how to become even more phenomenal lovers during this LIVE video stream event.

At the live video workshop, you’ll learn about:

✔ The Tuning Fork Technique
✔ The Roller Coaster Ride
✔ The ME Breath

This event might sound like it’s only for men, but you can come together if you are in a relationship.

Plus Jim is an absolute legends in his craft. There’s no way anyone should be missing our love life insights for anything.

One of the BIG things they’ll be sharing with us is a powerful breathing technique that skyrockets a man’s performance levels through the roof. So he can put his full attention on his lady, giving her as much pleasure as she craves, for as long as she wants it.

Between the “Strategizers” and the “Unity” types, this is one of the two big skills separates the better camp of men from the guys who are never sure they are totally satisfying their ladies.

Passion & Performance Workshop ⇐ July 23rd, 1pm Pacific (You Won’t Want To Miss This For Anything!)

You might be VERY surprised to find out what a woman craves most in her passionate moments…

This will be a one-time only LIVE event, so you have to register now.

Jim and already have 1,961 singles and couples registered. So you better get in and not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a live, online workshop like this.

There will be live chat during the event, as well as real-time polls, hundreds of dollars in attendee prizes and a fascinating interactive group learning experience. You’ll be with thousands of other people who want to increase their skills to become more passionate and phenomenal lovers.

If you fancy yourself a passionate lover, this workshop is for YOU!

It’s going to be fun and absolutely worth your time.

Register for the LIVE Workshop ⇐ Become A Phenomenal Lover on July 23rd, 1pm Pacific (A replay link will be emailed to you, but ONLY if you register.)


  1. I believe that being open and honest,caring with a cherishing of being interest in her, to learn what makes her happy and also giving her the right to have an opinion and respect her. I don’t believe sex be the basis to build a future. It really shouldn’t be so hard when a man carries himself as a gentleman and to have the Blessing of God….

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