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Making Hot Women Chase You

Making Hot Women Chase You

“A secret that turns the tables around…”

Big revelation right here… Listen up.

The Meta-Frame controls the underlying meaning of all your interactions with women, and puts you and the woman into a role.

In the dating game, the Meta-Frame dictates that the woman is the “prize,” and she knows it.

The more a guy tries to get a girl’s attention enough to get her to want to go out with him, the more she shoots down his every attempt.

But there’s a way to switch the Meta-Frame around so that it’s the woman who will try to win the guy over. To This: In the dating game, the Meta-Frame is that the woman is the “prize.”

When a guy controls the Meta-Frame, he puts himself in a masculine sexual leadership position. Women, especially today’s modern women are looking for a man who isn’t afraid to be in control.

You can switch to the Meta-Frame state to become more alluring to women while feeling more confident to approach a woman using what’s on this website.

I’m not saying you have to be controlling. This is a mind-state of confidence.


Josh Lubens, otherwise known as Swinggcat has a secret seduction technique that has women chasing after you instead.

Just minutes after he taught this secret to a friend, the guy was able to make out with one of the contestants from America’s Next Top Model.

Neil Strauss, author of “The Game” once said “Swinggcat is a genius seducer.”

Clearly he knows his stuff. So if you want to know how to switch the Meta-Frame around and have women fighting over you, vying for your attention and competing for your favor…

Look, I know you just want girls to show up at your house so you can “service” them. Well, if you really do want women to chase you, knowing this “meta-frame” will put you in a powerful frame of mind so that women WILL want to chase you.

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  1. I loveyou an i want sex with a goodlooking women for onces in my life

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