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A Perfect Surprise Gift For Your Lover

A Perfect Surprise Gift For Your Lover

Imagine it was well past your birthday and your lover got you a romantic gift that you TOTALLY didn’t expect.

You’d be surprised and touched by how thoughtful they were. You’d love them even more than you already do.

Well, here’s your chance to take your lover completely by surprise and have some amazing sex while you’re at it.

In fact, this is going to lead to even more sex than you’ve ever had in your life.

8 New-In-Box Reserved DVD Sets NOW AVAILABLE! <=== And Yes, You’ll Still Get The 60% Discount From Our SALE STEAMY SEX FOR LIFE

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being accommodating.

Few people can afford $520 worth of DVDs and digital video no matter how ridiculously sexy and steamy they are.

Even if these ARE probably the most thoughtful gift you could give to yourself and your lover for any occasion.

So when we put the Steamy Sex Ed® Video collection on sale, we get a lot of requests from folks who want us to offer special payment terms of one sort or another… mail us a check, let them pay over a few extra months… stuff like that.

And we do accommodate a lot of people who are very happy to get their own copy of the Steamy Sex Ed® videos.




We had about a dozen copies of Steamy Sex Ed® set aside for customers who needed extra time for their funds.

Not everyone was able to take their copy, and right now I have 8 sparkling new-in-box DVD sets in the warehouse and I can ship one to you.

You will also get the HD Digital version in your member’s area and the Female Self-Pleasuring Bonus digital videos with your order.

If you wanted your own copy but were unable to place an order last week before the deep discount sale was over, you are in luck!

Click Here To Place Your Order And Grab This For Yourself ===> Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection “New In Box”

If one of these previously reserved copies is still left when you get to the website, you will be able to place your order.

After we are sold out, we’re going to take down the order page.

That’s all the final copies we will have now.

Thanks so much!

Grab Your Copy Of The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection <=== Get Yourself This Gift, Watch All Of It With Your Lover, Take Notes, “Play Along” With The Videos And Enjoy!

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