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How To Make Him Feel That You Are The One

How To Make Him Feel That You Are The One

Negative effects of push-button, screen-swipe dating are starting to rear their ugly heads. More men are saying NO to commitment. Here’s how to make a man choose YOU (and only you) for life… despite this unstoppable hookup culture.

Have you ever been “seen-zoned” before?

It’s when you send someone a message on social media, specifically Facebook, and they don’t respond with anything. Even though FB says that person has already “seen” your message.

It’s the same when a guy doesn’t respond to your texts.

If you don’t want this to ever happen to you, or if it already HAS and you don’t want it to happen again, take a look at this.


Being seen-zoned may sound pitifully funny, especially since a lot of people just laugh it off on social media whenever it happens to them.

However, some people, mostly women, feel that whenever they’re being seen-zoned by a guy they like, it’s because they’re not attractive or sexy enough.

And this could hurt their self-esteem and self-image.

If this has ever happened to you and you feel bad about yourself because of it…

Let me assure you that there’s nothing wrong with YOU.

And it’s not HIM either.

Men act that way because it’s just how they are when it comes to their relationships with women in general. It’s always just fun and games, and playing around for them.

Not replying to your messages on Facebook or texts means absolutely NOTHING.

You see, not only do I work with women, but I also help out single men and couples with their sex lives and relationships. And during the last ten years or so, I’ve learned so much about what goes on inside a man’s mind, whether they’re single or in a relationship.

In fact, when a guy doesn’t reply to you or flat-out ignores you, it’s mostly because of a whole list of reasons that have nothing to do with you, your looks or how he feels about you.

He could just have a lot on his mind, or maybe he’s hanging out with his friends.

Looks are secondary. So don’t sweat it.

Just brush it off, take a screenshot of your message, include the part where it says “Seen” at the bottom right corner and post it online to laugh about the whole thing.

To make it more exciting, TAG your friends and the guy who “seen-zoned” you.

It will take everyone by surprise, especially the guy, and it might even start a little something-something (if you know what I mean).

Because you know what attracts a guy to a woman more than her looks?


I know that’s a cliche thing to say, but it’s true.

If a guy sees you as a fun person to be with, and he generally enjoys being around you, he’s going to message you back no matter what.

And if you keep him on his toes and “WOW” him with your general positivism and awesomeness, it could even spark something romantic.

However, if you want something more potent… something that lets you grab a man’s attention and have him imagining being with you and having a romantic relationship with you…

You’ll want to know more about “The Cupid Effect.”

The Cupid Effect is a mysterious phenomenon that occurs when a guy finally decides that he’s found the one woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life.

Before a man can decide if he likes you enough to be in a relationship with you…

Whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, marriage, or total and complete devotion to you for eternity…

He has to be physically “struck” with the feeling of attraction for you.

This feeling should be so strong that he literally FEELS it in his entire body.

Again, looks don’t matter much when it comes to “The Cupid Effect.”

A man could feel attracted to a hot, sexy woman just by looking at her, but if he doesn’t feel “The Cupid Effect” with her, he will NEVER commit to her.

He could be a friend, a co-worker, your current boyfriend, husband or even a guy you like who doesn’t even know you yet.

He’ll interpret any attraction or feelings he would have for you as lust for a one-night stand, being “friends with benefits,” or just dating for the sake of dating.

If you want to make a man obsess about the idea of spending the rest of his life with you, you need to make him feel “The Cupid Effect.”

I hope this helps you immensely with your love life.

The Cupid Effect works on men you already know as friends, boyfriends, husbands and even complete strangers. If they don’t feel The Cupid Effect when they look at you, there’s a chance he’s not yet “all in” in your relationship.

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