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Sex Technique To FEEL BIGGER To Her

Sex Technique To FEEL BIGGER To Her

Do this and she’ll FEEL that you’re HUGE…

Alex Allman, sex researcher, author, and personal friend, did a study with thousands of men on a sex technique that made them feel “BIGGER” than they actually are to a woman during sex. Did it work? The results were HUGE…

In another study, he invited 100 of his “average sized” readers who wanted to be able to give their woman pleasure that “larger” men could give.

He did some “very deep” research into everything from enlargement techniques to how women really feel about size, and what percentage of them said they enjoy bigger vs average sizes.

In yet another study, he also created (and tested with real couples) an entire series of techniques and positions designed to make a man look and feel bigger.

The upshot is that the 100 guys who took the program live, LOVED IT… and, more to the point, their wives and girlfriends were BLOWN AWAY by these new sex positions, techniques, and tricks.

The culmination of all his research is right here in one place.

Unleash the beast on your woman tonight.


Here are more interesting facts Alex learned during his study:

1) More than half of the men said they have tried pills or exercises to get bigger.

2) Of these men, nearly 90% say they were ALREADY average or ABOVE AVERAGE

More than half of them said it wasn’t just for women… they were embarrassed to be average in front of other MEN.

(This shame around dick size is a needless result of porn. Sometimes it also results in a lack of sexual confidence with women.)

3) Alex’s additional study from his thousands of FEMALE readers showed that women seemed to already know that men lack confidence around their cocks, and this size issue is now a HUGE concern for them too.

Alex studied their responses in great depth and what turns out to be the surprising #1 issue women have around their male partner’s personal endowment.

4) 1 in 3 women said they have lied to their boyfriend or husband about their satisfaction with his package. It’s interesting how they lie…

Bottom line: I believe you’ll find this extremely helpful because it’s ultimately about what you CAN do with the equipment you have right now.

Watch the video for the GOOD NEWS.

How BIG an issue is this?

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for an interesting tour of what thousands of other guys did to try to grow their manhood… some of the stories are CRAZY! But the sound advice you get is priceless.

Patricia Taylor, PhD, Personal Life Media’s resident teacher of Expanded Orgasm.













  1. I really am not a “comment’ type of person but feel compelled to write a comment on this whole size thing. From an evolutionary stand point penile size is everything to the male but is actually not so to the female. Why? Because males goal is to fertilize as many eggs as possible and eliminate competition while the female is interested in “who” fertilizes her eggs. So for a male a longer penis means depositing more semen closer to the site of fertilization which improves his chances of passing on his genetic material. The more “pleasure” the female gets from copulation the more likely, through cryptic choice, is his sperm to be the “chosen one” So from a male stand point larger is better. In fact the battle of the sexes is fought around these principles. the more promiscuous is the female of the species the more elaborate is the penis and the large is the testicles so the female of the species is actual determining the structure of the male reproductive tract. Gorillas have very small anatomical structures because a dominate male copulates with a heirum of females thus there is little sperm competition. Bonobos and chimps mate with multiple males, multiple times so sperm competition is fierce and their anatomic structures are large. If it was a size thing for females they would have to evolve longer tracts and many like the chimp have developed very elaborate swelling of the external structure to signal they are receptive and to increase the “length” of their reproductive tracts. So the whole size argument does have validity, but multiple studies have shown in humans, as in other mammals, that to the female size matters little, the “pleasure” the male provides in sperm competitive species is a driving force for which sperm actually gets the egg trophy. Thus the battle of the sexes continues, each adapting alternative methods to “get” what will ultimately result in the most and most thrifty offspring. Penile and testicular size is determined by the female and is driven by sexually selection not natural selection. Hope this is informative/interesting, its not meant to be derogatory, and even though we are “humans” our animal origins still often resides around many of thought/beliefs.

  2. The information regarding the “size” is mind blowing

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