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The “Bed-Break Boning” Sex Position

The “Bed-Break Boning” Sex Position

Close the curtains. Lock the doors. You’re about to watch a video so sexy, so naughty and so adult, you’re going to come out of it an Alpha Lover.

Do you have a sexual fantasy you’re just dying to experience with your woman… but you haven’t gotten her to try it with you yet?

Or maybe you’re still single and sexually available to ANY woman, but just can’t get one to fulfill your wildest carnal desires?

Sorry to break it to you, but you just might not appear sexually confident enough for her to submit to her pleasure with you.

Now, the GOOD news is… you can easily become a man so sexually confident that women will just let go and try anything with you. That is, once you learn how to THINK, ACT, and screw like an Alpha Lover.

Now, being alpha is something most men aspire to be, whether they are conscious of it or not.

However, one of the roadblocks to becoming the alpha male you were born to be is the false assumption that becoming alpha means changing who you are completely.


Some people assume (because of how it’s marketed) that being alpha is about being an aggressive, overconfident jerk who isn’t sensitive to a woman’s needs.

They’re not.

Being an alpha lover is about having the attitude and charisma to get a woman to say YES to your deepest, carnal desires.

You CAN be an alpha lover, and still be a charmingly, sweet, good guy.

That’s why sultry, sexy Gabrielle Moore is teaching men of all backgrounds how to become Alpha Lovers in her new video.

And her sexy stripping teachers show you the hot, gritty, up-close-and-personal details of how to do it.

They show you everything… literally.

From how to touch and enter a woman…

Where, how and how often to touch, tickle, lick, bite and suck on her body…

As well as sex positions that let you “dominate” a woman and have her begging you for MORE, MORE and MORE!


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