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23-Second Exercise To Get Harder

23-Second Exercise To Get Harder

If you have a “potbelly” read this.

Have you ever see a fit guy with a beer-belly? He looks like he works out, but he still has a large gut?

According to this video, that potbelly comes from a lack of core function. And this 23-second ab exercise re-activates your abs to core function. This is nothing like the crunches of yesteryear.

You might be thinking, “I can do sit-ups and crunches on my own.”

Of course you can.

However, according to Tyler Bramlett, a personal trainer based in California, the typical ab exercises we’re so used to aren’t nearly as effective at activating your core muscles as these doctor-recommended variations.

And not only will you get 6-pack abs…

You’ll also relieve any back, shoulder, neck, and hip pain you may have.

And of course, increase your sexual performance.

That’s because these exercises work your entire core in a way such that all the muscles are involved and working together, instead of fighting progress.

The best part is that these ab exercises don’t take you hours to complete.

If you’ve been wanting to up your sexual ability, relieve any chronic back, shoulder, neck, and hip pain you may have, and have rock-hard abs that your lover will absolutely go crazy for…

Sexual performance doesn’t always originate from your genitals.

If you have any kind of back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain…

Or if your midsection is “bigger” than it used to be.

Your sexual performance will greatly be affected… for the worse.

But you can relieve the pain that’s stopping you from having hotter sex…

And you can slim down your waist, flatten your belly, and even have rock-hard abs…

All without having to starve yourself with a strict diet, or pouring money on expensive gym memberships.

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