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Get Her To Orgasm On Entry

Get Her To Orgasm On Entry

Gabrielle Moore’s DRIPPING WET SECRETS SALE is ending! CUM AND GET IT!

Tease her. Please her. Get her dripping wet. Then make her come on entry.

Have you ever heard of the Penis Of Pleasure Technique?

One of my readers sent over this email after trying it with his girlfriend.

Suffice to say, he’s probably going to use the technique a lot often now.

Here’s his email:


“Hi Sloane,

My new girlfriend told me she had a “stubborn pussy.” She said it was hard for her to cum.

I just used the Penis of Pleasure technique and she had an orgasm when I entered her.

Thanks for telling me to watch the new Gabrielle Moore videos!

We are having the best sex of our lives!”

Mike (not his real name)


What does it take for a woman to want to make sweet, sweet love with you?

What do you have to do to make her want to rip her clothes off, drag you to the bed, and ride you like the cowgirl she was born to be?

Truth is, babe, it’s pretty simple.

Think of her like a banana (I’m eating one right now!).

I can’t just shove it in my mouth right away. It’s not good like that.

I have to peel off the covers to get to the sweet, tasty treat inside.

When you make love to her, she doesn’t want you to just grab her and shove it right in her.

You need to peel off all the layers first.

And I’m not talking about clothes.

She’s got so much on her mind. You’ve got to slowly, sensually, and seductively peel off all those thoughts, stressors, and distractions to get to her warm, juicy flesh.

You’ve got to arouse her.

Just the way she wants it.

And when she’s ready, you can enjoy every bit of delicious flavor she’s got to offer.

You can taste her in your mind right now.

And you know what?

She’s hungry for YOUR love, babe.

How long are you going to make her wait before you peel off her layers and let her take you in all the way?

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Gabrielle Moore’s DRIPPING WET SECRETS SALE is ending! CUM AND GET IT!

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