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Tuning Fork THRUST Technique

Tuning Fork THRUST Technique

When every thrust of your penis brings her to another orgasmic climax… She’s having one loooooooong orgasm from you being inside her. It’s like your penis is a wand with magical powers. Every stroke sends her into ecstasy. She’s hanging on for the ride… moaning and coming so hard.

You’ve never gotten this far out into the pleasure field with her before… but now you can just keep giving her the strokes she wants, needs and craves… because you not only have everlasting stamina — because no matter how much she orgasms, you can maintain your steady beat. And you can do something new. You can moan and show your OWN pleasure.

Seeing you have so much pleasure it turns her on even harder.

Sex has never felt so good to you either. You two are resonating —orgasms are ricocheting back and forth between you. This is the hottest lovemaking you’ve ever had and ever done.

And here’s how you do it. (scroll down)

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Michelle writes:

“We have heart-to-heart, throbbing, hot and sweaty soul-fulfilling sex. We just get lost in each other, our orgasms merging, our souls merging. And like no other lover, his penis feels so electric inside me. This is what love feels like to me.”

If you want to be the phenomenal lover women crave…

This 3-step technique intercourse stroking technique is a MUST know.

Tuning Fork Technique ⇐ Lets You Trigger A Woman’s Vaginal Orgasms Over And Over Again During Intercourse  


Imagine that she’s lying there in a pool of bliss…

Looking at you with adoring eyes…

Sighing because you gave her the best sex of her life.

You may think you’ve seen it all.

But when it comes to sex techniques…

The Tuning Fork Technique is on a league of its own.

Penetration orgasms can be one of the most profound experiences a woman can have.

Some sex experts even state that Penetration Orgasms are the Holy Grail of Sex.

After watching this video, your ability to consistently give her multiple, vaginal orgasms, or even any orgasmic pleasure will explode.

“What’s starting to happen experientially at this point is that you stop being two separate people DOING things to each other, and the two of you start to blend into each other. This kind of ecstatic merging is the transcendent sex that we were talking about.”

Trust me, this a path to the sexual nirvana we all seek.

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Trigger Her Vaginal Orgasms With THIS ⇐ How To Do The Tuning Fork Technique

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Dr. Patti Taylor
Expanded Orgasm Expert


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