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Erotic Pillow Talk

Erotic Pillow Talk

There are three types of lovers. You possess all three styles, but for everyone, one of these is your dominant bedroom style:  (And if his is auditory, OMG, check this out!)

  1. One is visual. They like to look in your eyes, see you naked, ask you to wear lingerie, etc.
  1. The second is kinesthetic. They like touch and physical stimulation and movement.
  1. The third is auditory. These are the people who love to hear your moans and get turned on by fantasy stories or dirty talk.

Generally men are visual, but there are certain men who get so turned on if you whisper naughty things into their ear, they just go C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!!!

If you want to inspire your man to give you a passionate, romantic, amazing love life (where you wake up each morning feeling the ELECTRICITY in your veins) and have him stare deep into your eyes and whisper how much he LOVES you and NEEDS you, you need to go watch this video right now:


It teaches you how to use simple, seemingly innocent little phrases to bore deep into the primal center of a man’s mind and awaken astonishing desire for you (and only you) that no man can resist (heck, no man would WANT to resist.)

If you’re married or coupled and are FRUSTRATED by the lack of REAL romance and overwhelming passion in your life, you’ll be shocked at how he looks at you, sweeps you in his arms, texts you, whispers to you and seems absolutely OBSESSED with you once you learn this simple trick.

And if you’re single? You’ll feel like you have a “Magic Power” to make any man crawl over broken glass just to be with you…

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 ⇐ Make Him Go Gaga Over You

Even if you’re already in a relationship or married, this is POWERFUL.

My husband is auditory in his sexual state and I tell him the most dirty stories and he just goes nuts! He loves it when I get on top of him and ride him and whisper dirty stories in his ear.

The last one was about three string bikini models in Belize…

And just learning this special language of masculine desire will change your relationship with men forever.

In a very, very good way.


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