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7th Sense Touch Technique

7th Sense Touch Technique

You lightly brush your fingers across the back of their neck. Your lover sighs and you melt into each other’s arms. A flurry of positive emotions come up as you fall deeper and deeper into each other’s loving warmth… as your tongues intertwine… as you flow effortlessly into hours of mutual pleasure.

“Touch Techniques are counted in the ‘Top 5 Most Desired Sex Skills’ by both men and women according to my newest survey.”

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(I have to warn you: There are explicit images on the next page. However, they are not porn. These images are taken from my best-selling Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection currently on sale at 60% off. I made this tasteful video collection for couples to watch together, singles to be ready for “The One”, and for lovers who want sensual, heart-connected, passionate lovemaking.)

Our bodies have cells that are called proprioceptive cells. Proprioception is one of your senses… like touch, taste, smell…. Consider it your 7th sense…


These cells on the outside of your skin allow you to know where your body is in space. Figure skaters, dart players, and lovers all leverage their sense of proprioception frequently.  And it’s what keeps us from falling down!

When you stroke these cells you activate a person’s sense of feeling all over their body.

Instead of just focusing on touching your lover’s sexual areas… when you stroke their body all over, you’re actually spreading the pleasure energy.

One of my favorite ways to spark instant passion in relationships is to “touch” my partner all over their body with smooth, long strokes to awaken their “sensual grid.”

In fact, some of the hottest spots that elicit feelings of intimacy and passion when touched are places bare to the public every day.


A gentle stroke with the back of your finger across your lover’s face… A smoothing of their hair… A firm hand on the back of their neck as you hold them close…

Wrapping your arms around your partner and stroking the small of their back…

Circling their wrists with your fingers and squeezing gently…

Holding their hand and pumping it with slight squeezes…

Those last two are even Taoist sexual energy practices!


Even better, teach your lover how to stroke you. Everyone likes different touch styles and places to be touched. People have touch preferences.

Slowly escalate their desire by starting at the extremities… head, hands, feet, arms, legs… before moving inward.

Every time you learn new bedroom skills, your sex life improves.

Though you may have only been introduced to me recently, I’ve been a trusted hot sex advisor to millions of people around the world for over a decade.

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Best of all, these videos teach guys how to slow the heck down and really become romantic.

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Suz and Tim Bratton
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Do I really need the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection?

In short, yes. You both do. And yes, even if you’re single and still lookin’ for love.

I’ve been helping couples (and singles) with their relationships and sex lives for over a decade and I’ve realized that sex is often shoved aside and sometimes even left for granted by many lovers.

Life gets in the way. And after a while, some people even forget that sex is a basic human necessity.

Yet, simply having sex in itself isn’t the “cure.” Because sex WILL get boring.

It’s the same for both men and women.

That’s why I curated Steamy Sex Ed® just for this reason.

For couples, singles and lovers who want a near-unending stream of sexual ideas, techniques and experiences they can add to their pleasure portfolio.

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However, when we run out of physical copies, I’ll be forced to take the digital-only option out just to be fair to the ones who raised their hand and made a commitment to have better, hotter, more passionate sex.

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Here’s a little bonus technique… See how much there is to know?

The’ Two-Option Leading’ Technique:

One of the things that you can do is to create a touch portfolio. Some lovers like long slow, sensual touches. Other lovers like faster, shorter more rapid strokes.

It’s really fun to use a technique I call, “Two-Option Leading.” In Two-Option Leading, instead of touching a person saying,”Do you like this?” “Does this feel good?”  

Say this instead: “Do you like this (and do a stroke) or this (and do a different stroke). Find out what your lover prefers in this lovemaking session.

The reason you offer the choice instead of asking for feedback on one type of touch is that you don’t want your lover THINKING, you want them FEELING. Making a choice requires less thought. Keep your lover in their body and out of their mind with pleasure!

Caution: Just because your partner liked a certain stroke over another in that moment doesn’t mean you should only use the preferred touch forevermore…

That’s just the stroke they like TODAY.

Every day is a new day, especially for women.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Keep trying “Two-Option Leading,” which is just giving your partner two choices so you begin to get a wide range of touches he or she particularly enjoys.

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