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What To Do When She’s Not In The Mood For Sex

What To Do When She’s Not In The Mood For Sex

If 2017 wasn’t as sexually adventurous as you’d have liked…

You can change it for the next year and the years after.

Start 2018 with a lot of exhilarating sex.

Even when you’re feeling confident around women and you’ve got a hang of talking to them…

There are days when your sex life seems to hit a brick wall — when no matter what you say or do, she just isn’t interested in getting into bed with you.

It can be frustrating – I work with men who have been sexless for years and who have even come to accept that it just isn’t worth the effort anymore.

And in the middle of all the sexual harassment news going around, it’s getting tougher and tougher for a guy to walk up to a beautiful stranger and seduce her into a freakin’ good time.

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Some men give up and resort to porn for sexual release.

However, since you’re reading this today, you won’t have to.

Before things get out of hand, I want to share something that I recently discovered with you which can change EVERYTHING about the way you approach sex with gorgeous women.

I recently met someone who developed a secret “pleasure password” that bypasses a woman’s natural “logical” brain…

…you know, the part that says, “I don’t feel like having sex tonight”…

This “password” – which is a complete sensory, touch-based technique – activates the primal arousal center in her primitive lizard brain…

It turns out that this technique is a structured method that activates the LUST response in a woman without her even knowing it.

In other words, it’s as innocent as touching her hair, taking her hand, or putting a hand on her shoulder…

…to activate an arousal response that instantly turns her on and has her begging YOU to fulfill her in the most intimate ways imaginable.

Before you write this off as just another “trick,” you should know there have been studies that PROVE how and why this works – so I encourage you to learn about the science behind this technique in this short video that explains everything.


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