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4 Superfats That REDUCE Belly Fat

4 Superfats That REDUCE Belly Fat

Face it, you feel sexier when you’re in good shape.

This is about a diet that gets rid of belly fat and lets you eat bacon-wrapped asparagus, raspberry scones and avocado coconut smoothies. I love it.

Here are the 4 super fats French people eat to incinerate stubborn fat while looking younger & living longer than the rest of the world.

Did you know that French people are skinnier than the rest of the world even though they eat butter, bacon, cheese, whole eggs, fatty meats, and creamy sauces every day?

They look younger… they live longer… and they do it WITHOUT dieting, exercising, or eating any of the foods U.S. doctors and dietitians have been recommending to us for years.

Scientists, doctors, and health experts call this “The French Paradox” and —believe it or not —it holds the missing link to forcing your body to incinerate the most stubborn fat stuck around your belly, hips, thighs, and backside.

This long-lost diet secret was actually discovered way back in 1924 and it will forever change your approach to losing belly fat and avoiding today’s most deadly diseases.

So what exactly is this 14-Day French fat-burning and longevity secret?

Believe it or not, a HIGH intake of a special group of rarely-talked about fats is what defines The French Paradox.

But not just any kind of fats…


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Now, I’ve been reading all about how to maintain the perfect balance between following the Ketogenic diet (increased fat burning, mental clarity, and focus) and still enjoying yummy carbs.

And I found this highly-interesting website by Body Transformation Expert Joel Marion.

He says it’s not really about being in a constant state of ketosis.

When you use a “targeted” approach, you can coax your body to produce more ketones without having to be in a state of actual ketosis.

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