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What Makes A Man Feel Powerful?

Leadership Redefined: Embracing The Inspired Man

Inspired Man Summit (FREE for a limited time.)

The Inspired Man Summit is the best collection of contemporary male thought-leaders I’ve ever seen in one place.

Please do yourself a huge favor and register for this free Summit.

Register now so you are in time to watch these videos for free as they come out:

  • How to navigate a woman’s closures, resistances and openings, moment by moment (crucial in this age of #MeToo).
  • How to handle “consent” like a boss in this new era of #MeToo.
  • How to interact with women sexually – at their pace – as they move through their resistances – which puts you at the vanguard of evolved men both supporting and leading women into their pleasure.
  • How to cultivate and wield “penetrative energy” – so that you leave behind all traces of being a “pleaser” or “nice guy” who sacrifices his own needs and desires.
  • How to break free of tired and stale social convention – and why that’s irresistibly magnetic to the best women.
  • How to wield the 4 most effective ways to be an inspiring, happy partner of a grateful, happy woman!
  • The importance of identifying and enjoying your own “hedonistic” pleasure – and living into your passions.
  • How to elevate the lives of those you love and care about.
  • How to reconnect with your “gut” through all the noise of cultural voices that are not yours – and live your passion fully!
  • Detail how to reclaim and enjoy your original WILD nature for your enlivenment, the enlivenment of your lover and your professional world.
  • How to expand your empathy so that you deepen as a man and leader.
  • How to master the tools and techniques that deepen your living embodiment of spirit, authenticity, and true presence.
  • How to move from “default” living to a vital, inspired life.
  • How to bounce back from financial or emotional setbacks – stronger, more grounded and more potent than ever.

The Way of the Inspired Man 2018 Super-Summit is a doorway to your greatest power, happiness and impact.

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I can’t wait to hear the wisdom from this spectacular collection of men I respect.

Register now so you are in time to watch these videos for free as they come out. They are only available free for a short window of time. Then you have to pay to access them. So pay attention to the dates!

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