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New Sex Techniques “The Curl”

New Sex Techniques “The Curl”

Can you imagine… new sex techniques!

She’s twisting and moving her hips around, whispering, moaning, and sometimes screaming your name out loud…

In between gasping breaths…

Holding on for dear life!

That’s what a wonderfully explosive orgasm makes a woman feel.

One way to induce that spasm-inducing, out-of-this-world experience for her is to apply “The Curl” technique when you’re making love.

And to see it in action, check out Gabrielle Moore’s lovely, gorgeous (and naked) teachers right here.

Here are some new sex techniques, positions and variations of “The Curl” your sexy teachers will be demonstrating (with their clothes OFF!):

  • Two-Handed Wonder
  • The Praying Man
  • The Nectar Of Three Flowers
  • Slippery Slope
  • The Eager Kitten
  • The Hungry Man
  • The Claw
  • The Stand And Squirm
  • The Pump-It-Up
  • Assisted Squat
  • Lovers Entwined
  • Hanging Garden
  • Super-Squirter Backdoor Combo

You wouldn’t be able to possibly do all these to her in one sex session.

And when she gets a taste of one, she’ll be craving for more.

That means more hot sex for you, and more hip-bucking orgasms for her.

With only 500 spots available on the program, they will be SOLD OUT fast, so I strongly recommend taking action immediately tonight.

Everything you’ve been thinking about doing to a woman during this quarantine is in this sexy, amazing program. Here’s a tease:

Episode 1: The Perfect Trigasm
Episode 2: Trigasm for Advanced Lovers
Episode 3: Triple Stimulation Penetration

Bonus 1: Unbreakable Erections
Bonus 2: Passionate Positions

It’s impossible to not be drooling over what’s inside her program. And when you see the ladies doing the naked demos… you’ll want to see what’s inside.

Gabrielle Moore’s “girls” teach you one incredibly sex technique… give your woman a NEW kind of orgasm you’ve probably never heard of !

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