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What To Do When You’Re Hard And Ready… But She’S Not

Elegance in repose: exposed back on bed


If you’ve ever needed a good reason to give 5G Male a try, here’s one for you.

A reader sent over an email telling me how much 5G Male has revolutionized his libido, sex drive, and his hardness.

Check out what he said below.

Dearest Susan,

I have tried a few of your products that you recommended and I wanted you to know that the 5G Male one has definitely helped me.

I now wake up EVERY morning hard and ready to go.

My only concern is getting my wife to keep up with my boundless sex drive.

Oh yeah, I’m 57 and she’s 62.  I just need to learn better ways of getting her turned on as much as me.

Thanks for your help!” — JT

Hi JT,

I am SO glad the 5G product is working so well for you.

Thank you for letting me know.

To get your wife to want more and more sex, here are the steps you’ll want to integrate into your daily encounters:

STEP ONE: Awaken her sensually.

Use romantic touch, relaxing music, delicious food, fine wine, and lots more.

Satisfy and excite as many of her senses as you can.

Foreplay isn’t just what you do in bed before making love. It happens everywhere.

STEP TWO: Seduce her with integrity.

You’ll want to move her from having happy and excited senses, to actually interpreting her sensations into a longing for your touch, and a craving for pleasure.

You can do this with foot massages, back rubs, a long hug, a romantic kiss, and more.

She doesn’t want to be rushed into sex.

She doesn’t want you to rip her clothes off yet.

You’ll want to take things slowly and sensually, instead of hard, fast, and wild.

STEP THREE: Use advanced sexual mastery techniques to give her the most pleasure she’s ever had. Because when she find that she’s surrendering herself to pleasure with you, instead of having to work to get pleasure…

She’ll want (and CRAVE) more.

Let me know how it works out for you.


Straight from one of my readers, there you have it.

5G Male works like a charm.

Now his problem is making sure he uses his rock-hard erections to penetrate his woman deeply and passionately.

What a problem to have!

If you’d like to have erections so hard you NEED to let the steam out ASAP… 

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