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Vaginal Dryness, Pain With Sex, Menopause?

Vaginal Dryness, Pain With Sex, Menopause?

Vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, night sweats, brain fog…

Let me start with the bad news.

“The menopause transition is experienced by 1.5 million women each year and often involves troublesome symptoms, including vasomotor symptoms, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, insomnia, fatigue, and joint pain.” (Santoro, et al., 2015)

If you’re in your 40’s or older, you didn’t need the research to tell you that!

My friend of mine, Stacy, woke up day after day feeling exhausted.  She had tried everything to sleep better, eat better, and get to the gym consistently, but she still felt like crap most of the time.  

She eventually found someone who could help her. And that was Dr. Jessica Drummond. You can watch her FREE workshop on balancing your hormones in the link below.


Here’s more on Stacy’s story.

She woke up vowing to start her day with lemon water instead of coffee, but she had to get her kids out the door and herself to work, and that just didn’t cut it.  She couldn’t kick the coffee habit and still get her day started.

Then, at work, she would eat a healthy bowl of yogurt and granola, but a few hours later the sugar cravings would kick in and she’d be reaching for a chocolate protein bar.  

Things were starting to get embarrassing.  She started losing her thoughts in the middle of meetings, and her work clothes were all getting tight.  Every evening on her drive home from work, she vowed to be a calm, present mom… but, just walking in the door and seeing the pile of shoes and backpacks would set her off.  She was irritable with her family over the smallest things, and then felt guilty about it later. Some days were better than others, but overall she felt like she was losing control of her life and her health.

When the kids were finally asleep, she would sit with her husband watching TV with a glass of wine.  Her libido was shot, so they rarely had sex any more. She felt sad about that, but didn’t know what to do about it.  She appreciated the days her husband was away on business and she didn’t have to even consider sex. In fact, she was kind of jealous of his work trips… three nights alone in a hotel room sounded like a dream vacation to her!

She passed out every night from exhaustion, but then woke up again around 3:00am with racing thoughts having a hard time falling back to sleep.  She was functioning ok. She didn’t look sick to her friends or family. Her doctor checked her thyroid and iron, and said they were fine. But, she felt tired, anxious, and sluggish most of the time.  

She was ready to feel good again.

Does this sound familiar?


I introduced Stacy to my friend and colleague, Dr. Jessica Drummond.  She has worked with thousands of women like Stacy all over the world. Dr. Jess and I recently recorded a new video series on Vaginal Dryness, Pain with Sex, and Having A Healthy Clitoris. Those are coming soon, but RIGHT NOW Dr. Jess has a webinar I want you to go watch.

Like Stacy, Just knowing that you are not alone will help you feel better.  (Because really, doesn’t it look like everyone is eating beautiful food, doing yoga at the beach, and on sexy romantic trips these days… just check out Instagram!)

The truth is that many women of all ages are feeling burned out, exhausted, brain foggy, no longer interested in sex, and are gaining weight around the middle that is dangerous to their health.

The good news is that those common hormone imbalance symptoms – fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, belly fat, low libido, vaginal dryness, hair loss, and more – are actually quite simple to address once you understand them!

Dr. Drummond is going to teach you a simple, 3-Step Approach to Natural Hormone Balance.

In this free workshop, she explains how digestive health, figuring out your personalized nutrition plan, specific sleep strategies, and a hormone balancing exercise plan (*Hint: you may actually be exercising TOO MUCH!) helps her clients feel better, sexier, and get their health back FAST.

With Dr. Drummond’s help, Stacy began to lose the weight immediately.  She lost 10 lbs, 5 inches of belly fat, and 20 points on her fasting blood sugar tests in just 4 weeks, by changing ONLY her nutrition.

There was more to do… appropriate supplementation to support her hormones, a lot of work on her sleep, and commitment to a safe and consistent exercise program.  Her husband got in on the action too. He went with her to the gym, and they met with a trainer to start a safe strength training program. They still had a glass of wine together most nights (yes, wine can be a part of this program!), but no longer in front of the TV. Instead, they enjoyed their glass of wine together with a meal high in healthy proteins, fats, and fiber minimizing the impact of the wine on their hormonal health (his testosterone level was suffering too!)

After 3 months of nutrient rich food, great sleep, taking her supplements daily, and getting support, she was down 2 sizes, her brain fog was lifted and her libido was back.  She and her husband planned a birthday trip to California – alone.

(Now, she’s the one posting beachy, romantic pictures on Instagram!)

Unfortunately, you won’t learn this information from your doctor.  If your labs come back in the “normal” range, you’re pretty much told you’re fine and to deal with it – or take an antidepressant, because all of your symptoms must be in your head!  That is not a solution. Feeling better is possible, and it’s not rocket science. There is no magic pill. It’s up to you.

It’s up to you to take your hormone healing into your own hands.

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 ⇐ 3 Step Approach To Natural Hormone Balance

This workshop is just for you, if you’re a woman over 35 who’s struggling with any hormonal imbalance symptoms:

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Painful sex
  • Insomnia/ poor sleep quality
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Hair loss
  • Hot flashes/ night sweats
  • And more…

You can join us live online from anywhere with an internet connection. (If you can’t make the live workshop, register anyway, and you’ll receive the recording automatically, right to your inbox.)

If you want to live a long, healthy, active, and vibrant life… you must understand and take great care of your hormones.  Dr. Drummond will give you everything you need to take care of your hormones for life!

Enjoy the workshop!


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