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3 Steps To Developing Unshakeable Sexual Confidence And Performance

3 Steps To Developing Unshakeable Sexual Confidence And Performance

Aaron Wilcoxxx, star of over 200 adult films, has decided to reveal his 3 secret tips on how to build your sexual stamina ensuring powerful erections and high testosterone levels to send your woman wild in bed.


I’m always surprised by how many men think poor sexual stamina and erectile dysfunction lead to performance anxiety.

In fact, it’s often the other way around.

See, when men struggle with confidence or poor self-esteem, their body starts to produce less testosterone.

Less testosterone means a drop in the quality of your blood circulation in your member…

…meaning less thick, less firm hard-ons as a result.

This anxiety is a vicious circle.

Worrying about failing to pleasure your woman makes you less able to do so, meaning men worry about it even more, and so on.

As a result, it’s more difficult to naturally raise testosterone levels whilst in this state of anxiety.

Being a woman, it pains me to see guys doing this to themselves.

So if you find yourself stuck in this trap, take a minute to try this exercise.

how to build your sexual stamina


Write down 5 negative beliefs you have about your sexual performance.

Then answer these questions for each of them:

  • What reasons do you have for holding on to this belief?
  • Are these reasons valid?
  • Would someone confident in their sexual abilities think the same thoughts as me?
  • If not, what would they think instead?

You now know what sexually successful men think to keep their testosterone levels high.

And what thought patterns you could try if you want to achieve the same.

Challenging and replacing negative self-beliefs is just one way you can develop a better mindset about your sexual capabilities.

If you’d like to discover more advanced methods for breaking these negative thought patterns and preventing lower testosterone levels from denying you firmer, throbbing hard-ons, then I recommend you take a minute to listen to Aaron Wilcoxxx.

He’s starred in over 200 adult movies and he’s now teaching men how to get an edge in the bedroom and give their women body-shaking orgasms she’s always dreamed of.

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