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Try This New Technologically Advanced Sex Toy

Try This New Technologically Advanced Sex Toy

Read on to learn all about the Crescendo sex toy.

“If you’ve been waiting to own the world’s most intriguing vibrator experience… now is the time to go for it.” — Collette  (not her real name)

‘It was like I came back to life as soon as I turned it on’ —Women’s Health.

Do you have Erotic Playdates?

Sex dates where you both On sex dates, you both agree to try something new together. to try something new together.

You could learn how to have an Expanded Orgasm practice. Or know how she can experience female ejaculation. Or watch my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection and follow along with one of the episodes… maybe Fellatio, where you try the moves you see demonstrated.

On our most recent Erotic Playdate, we experimented with the Crescendo vibrator from MysteryVibe. Of course, I had to try it. It’s the most technologically advanced vibrator in the world, and I’m a sex tech geek.

Plus, many of my male fans would love to give their woman a really cool vibrator that he could drive for her. This is the perfect Erotic Playdate toy.

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The Crescendo is flexible and conforms to your body — whether you’re an innie or an outie.

It can wrap around your penis to give you self-pleasure or a cock ring during intercourse to hit her clitoris and provide him with pleasure too.

It comes with an app that controls six unique motors. You can control each independently for sliding and rolling pulses and rhythms. There is vibration across all the surface area, no matter how you bend it.

This MysteryVibe delivers sensation wherever you want it. Run it from clitoris to G-Spot. Put any kind of vibe pattern and intensity right where you want it. The app comes pre-programmed with many “rides.”

My guy was driving, and I was feeling the feels. It was fun!

The MysteryVibe is for the dedicated masturbator, the vibrator connoisseur, the solo pleasurer, couples who want to play together, gadget nerds, creative types, and for people who want to experiment with millions of refined patterns. Because of the phone app, this was a big breakthrough with all its playlists and configurable vibe patterns.


You can make playlists, almost like a movie where you can tell which motors to fire off in which ways.

Any shape, any pulse, any intensity… If you need a Magic Wand to come, this may not be intense enough.

Getting beyond buttons on a vibe with an interface makes it more accessible. But it takes time to figure it out.

“The world’s most precise and variable vibrator.”

My man says it’s like a MIDI sequencer for your pussy or cock.

Technical, app-oriented, creative types will love this.

For masturbating aficionados across the gender spectrum.

Unisex, Intersex, AltSex. Quiet. 💯 Silicone. Waterproof. 💦

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