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Isa Herrera Pelvic Pain Relief Masterclass

Isa Herrera Pelvic Pain Relief Masterclass


We’ve always been told…

“Do your Kegels.”

As women, we know we should do them.

But how many of us really do? And even if we do them, did you know that they could actually be making things worse?

I have to share this with you. I heard some scary numbers recently….

49% of women experience leaking….where you’ll “pee just a little” (or a lot).

30 million women suffer from painful sex…

50% of older women experience pelvic heaviness due to pelvic organ prolapse.

Some women suffer from leaking that is so bad that they have to carry pantyliners everywhere they go, and they can’t sneeze or cough without leaking.

Other women have to make up excuses to get out of sex because it hurts too damn much and this leaves them feeling isolated from the partner they love.

There are also tons of women who can’t stand for a long time or even cook a meal without having to lay down.

These conditions all fall under “pelvic floor dysfunction” and millions of women are suffering in silence.

So…why have things gotten so bad?

And what can you do to protect yourself…or stop the leaking, pelvic pressure and intimacy pain if you already have it?

My friend and colleague Isa Herrera is on a mission to BUST the myths about Kegels.

And she’s having a FREE Masterclass about how you can naturally heal your pelvic problems for good.

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Isa has thousands of healings under her belt and has helped these women reclaim their orgasmic power. She’s the expert in all things “down there” and she’s created a FREE masterclass that will help you to have a happy vagina and an even happier bladder.

Here’s what you’re going to discover when you join her FREE Masterclass:

  • Discover the specific kind of vagina you have (and why it’s important for determining the kind of pain you’re experiencing)
  • A super-easy pelvic massage- if you’ve been experiencing ANY pain during intimacy (this will help you reconnect again)
  • Why Kegel exercises might be making your leaking, pain, and prolapse worse (and what you should do instead)
  • 3 proven exercises proven to help to heal urine leaking (can be done in the comfort of your home)
  • The ONE exercise that instantly relieves annoying pain, burning or pressure in your pelvic area (can be done in under 90 seconds)

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