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Why She’s Saying NO To Sex Again and Again…

how to get more sex

After years of “responsibly distancing,” most guys’ sex lives are probably in the gutter.

People want to touch and be touched. 

To love and be loved.

To ravage and be ravaged in the bedroom. 

Today the chains are broken. It’s free for all. All systems go! 

Yet, some men have lost their seductive touch.

Who can blame you? Times are changing. Women are getting more confident and independent. The old-school pick-up “tricks” no longer work. 

The social landscape of seduction in the dating world (and between long-term lovers) has forever changed. 

But here’s some GOOD news. The “core” psychologies that drive women’s desires are still the same. You just got to know how to tap into them. 

So if your sex life isn’t as adventurous as you want…

You can bring it back or give it a new life with this.


Even in the best relationships, there are days when your sex life seems to hit a brick wall — no matter what you say or do, there’s no time, or she’s too distracted, or tired, or just not interested.

It can be frustrating — I work with men who have been in relationships for years and have even come to accept that it isn’t worth the effort to try anymore.

When the days turn into weeks and weeks spill into months, it’s easy to feel like giving up, isn’t it?

The frustration can be overwhelming.

Is it you? Is it her? Is there someone else?


The questions and guilt can build an insurmountable wall in a relationship, and that’s when most guys may take the easy way out — online porn can become an addictive surrogate.

Or worse, some men find it easier to look outside their relationship — and that’s when things move beyond the point of no return.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Before things get out of hand, I want to share something I recently discovered that could change EVERYTHING about how you approach sex with your partner.

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I recently met someone who developed a secret “pleasure password” that bypasses a woman’s natural “logical” brain.

You know, the part that says, “I’m tired,” or “I’m too busy,” or “I don’t feel like having sex tonight.”

This “password” — a complete sensory, touch-based technique — activates the primal arousal center in her primitive lizard brain.

I know you’ve been with your wife before when you’ve lucked upon a particular touch or position that drove her INSANE with pleasure.

You remember that, don’t you?

It turns out this technique is a structured method that activates that SAME response in a woman without her even knowing it.

In other words, it’s as innocent as touching her hair, taking her hand, or putting a hand on her shoulder.

To activate an arousal response that instantly turns her on and has her begging YOU to fulfill her in the most intimate ways imaginable.

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Before you write this off as just another “trick,” you should know there have been studies that PROVE how and why this works — so I encourage you to learn about the science behind this technique in this short video that explains everything.

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⇐ Be A Master Of Silent Seduction

One Response

  1. The information about being a better lover is of value to someone that has a willing partner. After being in a 40+ year marriage with no sex for the last 25 and terrible sex for the first 15+. After watching your videos and reading about the correct way to (do) her. No wonder we gave-up on sex…. Hearing about how to and actually doing or for that matter finding a partner wanting me. That’s the real fantasy. I mean,,,,,,Who would want a 60+ man with an idea of how to do a woman?????? That’s a laugh…At least I have paid you and your “experts” to show me where I did “it” wrong. That has to allow all of you to feel good. Enjoy life. Learn something every day. I know I try to.

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