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What Really Causes Erectile Dysfunction

What Really Causes Erectile Dysfunction


42% of women think their partner can’t maintain an erection because they’re no longer turned on by her.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that women reported engaging in less physical intimacy of all kinds after their partner started having issues gaining erections and lack of potency. 

This sounds obvious at first glance, but if you think about it, that means these women not only had less “penetration sex”, they also had less sex overall. Oral sex. Sensual massages. Everything. 

Why? In the same study, these women said they also felt less sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction in their relationship. 

So not only is there less sex. There’s also going to be less affection and intimacy. 

And considering women really are sexual creatures, just like men, this all makes sense. 

One great thing to consider though, is that E.D. is not permanent. 

That’s right. You can reverse it. As long as you’re still in decent health, there are ways to bring back you man-cannon’s strength and vigor. 

Here’s one of my most recommended options because it uses FIVE NATURAL ingredients to support blood flow and erections.

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While some women feel a lack of sexual desire for men with E.D., there are also some who feel it’s their fault. 

42% of women think their partner can’t maintain an erection because they’re no longer turned on by her. 

You know it’s not true. You know you still adore your lover. You still want to have sex. 

Something’s just not giving. 

Good thing there are lots of solutions available. 

Natural solutions that don’t ruin your body for the sake of a quick hard-on. Solutions that don’t use synthetic chemicals to make you hard —but first make you healthier —which allows your body to achieve unstoppable, rock-hard erections again. 

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