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Mastering Bedroom Skills: A Comprehensive Guide to Masculine Sexual Leadership

bedroom skills

Before the month ends, it’s time to prepare for a whole new year of new hotties to meet, date, and enjoy. My good friend, Alex Allman, has you covered with these boss tips and bedroom skills for attraction and dating.

The three RISKIEST moments you can get rejected are:

  • The first time you approach a woman with apparent romantic intent…
  • When you first go for the kiss or bridge the gap from conversation to something physically sexual…
  • Most painfully of all, when you initiate sex with your woman with whom you’re in a long-term relationship…

That’s right. Guys in relationships aren’t guaranteed steamy, hot sex every time they want. It gets much more challenging.

Unless, of course, you know how to turn a woman the right way.

That’s why in the next few minutes IF you pay attention, your sex life will never be the same again.

There’s a simple technique to get a very different response than you would typically expect from independent, sexually confident, or even the shy and conservative women these days.

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⇐ Turn Her On “Mating Instinct” With This Masculine Technique


To a considerable degree, humans respond how you expect them to.

It’s called “projection,” and Sigmund Freud observed it back in the 19th century. You’ve watched it yourself thousand times too.

If someone admires and respects you, it’s hard not to enjoy having them around. If someone hates you, it’s pretty impossible to think, “well, gee, he’s a pretty cool guy, though.”

Hating your boss, no matter how nice you may be on the outside, may mean your job is in jeopardy because your boss doesn’t like you either.

If you’re continually holding in feelings of negativity about your wife, girlfriend, or a girl not responding to your affections…

You’ll “project” that negative energy to her, and she will respond negatively.

She will reject your advances all the more.

But there is a learnable way to “flip the switch” so that a woman will feel the same way when you have sexual intentions.

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⇐ The Masculine Power That Activates A Woman’s Mating Instinct

Learning to be the man who consistently gets this reaction, whose sexuality is always desired by the women of the world, is a complete game-changer for your confidence, self-esteem, and happiness…

And, of course, you have sex a lot as a side effect.

And just as Freud demonstrated more than 100 years ago, women pick up on it instantly, accurately, and eagerly.

Would you like to know how to do this yourself right now?

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