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Don’t Ignore Possible PROSTATE Problems

Don’t Ignore Possible PROSTATE Problems


Whether you’re still in your 30s or already in your 50s and 60s… 

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms: 

  • Frequent urge to urinate 
  • Wake up several times at night to urinate 
  • Blood in the urine or semen 
  • Pain or burning sensation when urinating  
  • Frequent pain or stiffness in your lower back, hips, upper thighs, pelvic or rectal area 
  • Painful ejaculation 

You MAY have symptoms of a possible prostate problem. 3 of the most common prostate problems are overgrowth, infections, and prostate cancer. 

However, I’m saying this not to make you worry, but to let you know not to take these symptoms lightly. 

You’re going to want to watch the Sex and The Prostate Webinar REPLAY I did with a board-certified urologist here… 

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The American Cancer Society’s estimates for prostate cancer in the United States alone for 2019 go up to about 174,650 new cases. That’s because a lot of people wait for something BIG and BAD to happen before they take action. 

That is why I’m inviting you to one of the most important events that I am personally a part of right now. 

And it has to do with your prostate, sexual health, and overall quality of life. 

Dr. Judson Brandeis is a board-certified urologist and GAINSWave director of clinical excellence. 

In this online event, Dr. Brandeis answers over 100 men’s questions about the prostate and the common problems so many are facing including overgrowth, infections, and cancer

We also talk about the prostate’s function, as well as methods used to treat the symptoms before they get much worse. 

We cover E.D. post-surgery and some of the ways men can overcome this problem through proper counseling and treatment including GAINSWave. 

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  1. Hi , I have non bacterial chronic prostatitis and BPH since many years, my urologist stopped me from masturbating 6 months ago and I find it hard to imagine , a life without sexual arousal , my symptoms are still present nevertheless . Since I stumbled upon your videos I realized that even the doctors are not well informed and it is normal for a man to ejaculate ; I have tried this technique with a vibrator for 2 weeks now almost everyday, and I get aroused , finally , I use the back and forth technique for 4 to 6 times that Dr Rylie is suggesting us to do , but when I think II’m ready ejaculate , at the end of the fifth round for instance, I reach an incredible orgasm but it is just transparent liquid that comes out , just a few drops , nothing thick like she explained , seems like dry orgasm almost ,,, is it that my prostate is still too congested ? it kind of hurt actually when I reach an orgasm even though pleasurable… I have passed all the scan and tests imaginable and all they say is that I have BPH and prostatitis and shouldn’t ejaculate more than once a week … should I continue doing the prostate massages ? there must something I do wrong or is it just a matter of time for me to get that final release of old fluid stocked into my prostate ? thanks for helping me . Benoit

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