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Here are  couple sheltering ideas for these times. There are so many things you can do. Planting a garden and giving each other lots of hugs. Good lovers have the ability to stay present. Presence is good practice for great sex.

“This too shall pass.”

Right now is the best time to remember that phrase.

When you’re young and something cataclysmic rocks your world, it feels gigantic… earth-shattering…

But as you experience the hard knocks that life inevitably provides, you begin to weather each successive blow just a little more easily.

Now is the time to think for yourself. To stay strong and alert. To keep your friends and family close. To lend a helping hand.

It’s these hard times that temper us… that bring out the best in us… if we step up to meet these challenges.

Right now Tim and I are staying sheltered for as long as it takes. Here are some of my couple sheltering ideas in place.

I’m planning

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so I have fresh organic vegetables. I’m cooking meals at home again for us. And every night in our town, we all go out at 8pm and howl like coyotes to express our appreciation for those who are providing essential care to the rest of us.

I’m thinking deeply about this next evolution of our planet.


Others are out making sure the rest of us have power, water, food and care. And I want to thank you whether you are one of those distancing yourself at home to protect others or someone providing services for your community.

It’s a heightened time of emotion for everyone…

If you’re in a relationship, please try my free Soulmate Embrace hug technique this week with your partner. It will calm down your nervous systems and bring you closer together. It’s my gift.

You just go here and my system will email you the ebook to view online, download to your computer or smart phone or print out at home.

Man embracing woman as one of the fun ideas to doSOULMATE EMBRACE

If you’re not in a relationship, learn the technique so you’re ready. And I encourage you to establish some friendships right now.

Have you heard about HouseParty? It’s a new fun idea, free app where you can video chat with friends. The best place to meet new people is through your friends… So see if you can get a group together to chat. The app is super easy to use. There are even fun games to play with each other.

Give it a try with a friend and both of you invite another person. Remember, there are a lot of people feeling really isolated out there. When you invite someone to your HouseParty you are doing a good deed.


Every disruption creates new opportunities.

You can stay stuck in the past… You can “catastrophize” about the future… or you can stay firmly rooted in the present. Good lovers have the ability to stay present. Presence is good practice for great sex.

If you are reading this, you are ok right now in this moment. Breathe deeply, set your resolve to improve your life, and march toward your dreams.

I’ll be here cheering you on.

Find the time to relax too or meditate with this mood booster music.

It’s always darkest before the storm. Let me light your way with love and let me know if you used any of my couple sheltering ideas in place!

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  1. Very exciting and promising. Thanks.

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