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How To Survive Riots (Protect Your Home Advice)

How To Survive Riots (Protect Your Home Advice)

Before something BIGGER and BADDER than the first coronavirus wave come to surprise you and me, the smartest thing to do is to learn how to bug in forever. And to do it smartly.

This whole pandemic topped with social unrest, rioting, looting, and the most unstable fissure in our political system in fifty years… topped off with our food supply being interrupted by coronavirus has a lot of people fleeing the cities and heading to the country.

Rental prices and real estate are freefalling in New York, San Francisco, and other cities as employees transition to remote work if they are lucky enough to have a job.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is that a lot of people think they’ll simply bug-out in case of an emergency.

“Bug-out” means to bail. To leave quickly and abandon your home and lifestyle. Head out to the woods and live in the countryside.

Dan F. Sullivan, one of the top survival experts in the world says bugging out is the wrong answer… That it can get you injured or worse…

Unless you’re a trained navy seal, bugging out should never be plan A. You’ll be out there, alone and vulnerable, along with thugs, looters, and thousands of others running around like a chicken with their heads cut off.

And if you’re not alone and you have to bring your family with you, you’ll be in even more danger because you’ll have to look out for everyone.

So if you’re considering spending a lot of money on a bug-out bag, BOB supplies, a bug-out vehicle, and even a bug-out retreat, I urge you to stop for just a second…

Dan has put together a video that answers some tough questions. I recommend you watch it right now:

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This is probably the most counter-intuitive aspect of survival, one that very few people know about.

Do you know what the military, navy seals, expert preppers, hardcore bushcraft survivalists, and their families will do during the next disaster?

Will they head for the woods? No…

Will they load their bug-out vehicles with supplies and storm off? Nope.

Will they go to their bug-out retreat? Not a chance.

99% of them will bug-in. That’s what they’re preparing for right now, and so should you.

Why? Because bugging out is flat-out dangerous. You’ll be in the wild or on a highway, vulnerable, with no shelter, limited supplies, and dangers at every step.


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