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Organic Gardening At Home

Organic Gardening At Home

The easy fix for any impending food shortages is if everyone starts organic gardening at home regardless of how little the space.

I recently read an article that said in about 10 years the world will no longer be able to sustain the production of food.

Frankly, I was surprised the recent riots were about #blm. I thought we were going to have riots about food supply shortages.

When the Rona hit, I started a garden. Have you?

The easy fix for any impending food shortages (and for saving a lot of money on fresh organic produce) is if a lot of us (if possible, everyone) start planting our own backyard farms, regardless of how small the space.

Could you imagine if you were self-sufficient with your food forever?

There will be no more unnecessary repeat trips to the grocery store.

You can forget about having to pay an extra premium for even the most common types of food.

Use all that time to harvest, cook, and enjoy all the organic, healthy food you could ever want. Moreover, you can spend all that time with your loved ones.

That’s a dream I’m working towards. That’s why I built my own Backyard Survival Farm.

Here’s one of the places I got the plans and details from…

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organic gardening at homeMY FIRST LETTUCES 


The story on the website says one guy was able to produce:

1500 duck and chicken eggs

  • 12,500 quail eggs
  • 210 lbs of duck meat
  • 230 lbs of chicken meat
  • 175 lbs of rabbit meat
  • 120 lbs of juicy tomatoes
  • 30 lbs of bell peppers
  • 110 lbs of cucumbers

…with a “homemade” automated micro-farm in his backyard.

What’s funny about this invention is that it runs almost on autopilot following natural principles… one element feeding another… and in the end, they all feed the guy.




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  1. So good to see you gardening Susan! I must say I am surprised to see an article like this here, but very happy to see it all the same. I agree, we should all be growing food and sharing our produce with each other.

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