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GAINSWave Treatments For You

GAINSWave Treatments For You

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One of my male readers sent me an email asking about GAINSWave treatments. He noticed I consistently recommend GAINSWave.

Check out his email and my response below.

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⇐ Susan Bratton And Dr. Judson Brandeis Webinar (Special Promo Get 1 FREE GAINSWave Treatment Session, Details On The Page)

“Hi Susan, a question for you. You promote GAINSWave treatments for ED. They say 6 to 12 treatments depending on the situation. How often can you receive a treatment every day, skip a day, once a week? If you could answer this question, I would appreciate it. I took your advice and have been using the

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and I think I need to order the next size for girth. So I’m looking into the GAINSWave treatments.  Possibly the P shot also. Thanks.”

—Lars (not his real name) 


Hi Lars,

I’m so glad you started with the pump system and you’re about to “graduate” to the bigger cylinder. That’s awesome progress!

Yes, I heartily promote GAINSWave treatments.

Find A GAINSWave provider in your area.


I’d shout the benefits from the rooftops if I could. It works so well in most men by reversing ED and stimulating new nerve and tissue growth in the penis. GAINSWave treatments are like going back in a time machine to your younger penis.

Every authorized GAINSWave practitioner evaluates their patient and suggests a course of action. It’s usually two treatments per week for three weeks… but that depends on the man’s health and issues. Some guys with diabetic neuropathy and ED took 18 treatments before they got the results they wanted.

The sound waves they pulse into your penile tissue, including the buried shaft of your penis and the prostate nerve area if you’ve had prostate surgery, create tiny microdamage. Your body, when healing this microdamage, recruits stem cells and healing and growth factors from your blood plasma to repair the microdamage. This allows your body to build new tissue and nerves and blood supply.

Adding in a Priapus Shot while having the GAINSWave is the best practice. The PRP from your own body, concentrated and targeted at the penile tissue during this repair phase increases the overall benefits of the GAINSWave. Your penis heals faster with increased tissue, nerve, and blood vessel growth from the turbocharge of the PRP. The PRP is made from your own blood, so it is very safe.

If you can afford both, do them together.

Keep pumping while you’re doing the GAINSWave treatments. It is a synergistic addition.

Another thing you can also do while pumping is to take FLOW, the nitric oxide supplement I make from organic citrulline, organic nitrates, organic Vitamin C, pine bark tannins, and NAC.

This improves all-around blood flow, including your penis. It’s especially important to have plenty of Nitric Oxide support when pumping, going through GAINSWave, and leveraging all the money you are spending.

FLOW is made from citrulline, not arginine, so it’s much better absorbed than arginine by anyone over 40.

Get FLOW Here ⇐ World’s First Organic Nitric Oxide Supplement Made With Organic Watermelon And Spinach 

Take two capsules at night, or one in the morning and once at night. Gulp down 2 twenty minutes before pumping. Take 2 twenty minutes before sex. Works synergistically with Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.

When you go for your GAINSWave treatment, take notes, and let me know your experience.

Here’s where to find a good GAINSWave and P Shot provider in your area.

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Thanks for asking and I’m very excited for you.


NOTE: Due to some items being discontinued and other new items becoming available, these are the tools Susan recommends now. If you see a tool in a video or article but do not see it linked, most likely it is no longer available. All of the tools here are current and recommended. Thank you for taking care of your prostate health.

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