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Lady Pleasure Parts Video Replay Link

Lady Pleasure Parts Video Replay Link

I’m such a champion of the wonders of the vFit that JoyLux asked me to host a Facebook LIVE on female sexual pleasure on their page.



I explained the entire female genital system with an emphasis on where your erectile tissue is located. I encouraged women to download my free ebook, Hot To Trot.

On page 12 is a custom illustration I drew of a female vulva. I marked where all the parts of erectile tissue are. Erectile function is as essential for women as it is for men.


Then I talked about all the benefits of the VFit, especially how it warms up my vagina for intercourse better than ANY other foreplay techniques.

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And I answered questions from JoyLux customers about sex, intimacy, and vaginal care.


How can I spice up my marriage?

We’re in our 60s, and sex has gotten a little routine for my husband and me. I have been thinking about how we can spice up our lovemaking sessions, but I don’t want to scare him off, and I am new to all of this! What do you recommend to start slowly?

How can I feel confident as I start dating again?

I’m recently divorced and getting back into the dating scene at 59! Due to a prolonged drought at the end of my marriage, I haven’t had sex in over three years. I miss that closeness, but I’m afraid. How can I feel more mentally and physically ready to experience intimacy again?

How can we both increase our sex drives?

My sex drive has gone down in menopause, and my husband’s drive is even lower. It’s hard to find a time that we both feel desire, so we only make love a few times a year. How can we increase our drives together?

How can I feel sexy again?

I’m 66 and just not feeling as sexy as I used to. I’m still interested in sex with my partner, but I’m so self-conscious about my body. What can I do?

How can we stay aroused?

My husband and I enjoy being intimate, but we sometimes have trouble remaining aroused during sex. How can we stay in the moment and keep enjoying intimacy?


What can I do to keep my vagina healthy as I age?

I’m starting to experience dryness, hot flashes, and thinner, more sensitive skin. How can I keep these changes from progressing?

What don’t women know about their bodies?

I know my body well, but things like the G-spot are a complete mystery to me. What do you think we should know about our bodies as women?

Can the VFit help strengthen my pelvic floor?

My gynecologist recommended vFit to strengthen my pelvic floor. What does it do? How do you use it?

What are the specs of vFit?

What is the insertable part of vFit made of? (medical-grade silicone)

Will it fit a smaller woman?

Can the VFit help increase sensation?

I’m post-menopausal, and I just don’t experience the same physical pleasure during sex anymore. What should I do to increase sensation during sex? Can vFit help?

How can I address a total lack of natural lubrication during sex?

I’m in my late 50s, in good health overall, but intercourse has become more painful over the past five years. I’ve tried different lubricants, but nothing helps very much. What can I do to make sex pleasurable again?


What products can I use to reduce dryness?

As I get older, everything on me is getting so dry —my feet, elbows, and vagina. What products can we use to counteract the effects of dryness?

How should I clean my intimate skin?

I am experiencing dryness and irritation after using soap in the shower. How can I cleanse my vaginal area without experiencing irritation?

I’m always here to answer any questions you might have. Watch this video now to learn so many things about your own body!

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