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The 2nd Secret G-Spot (Pic!)

The 2nd Secret G-Spot (Pic!)

Most people think the G Spot is inside the vagina. There are TWO places where you can touch the G Spot. Here are some G Spot secrets.

Hey Cutie!

Most people think the G-Spot is a spot. It’s not. Instead, it’s an area.

One is inside the vagina on the roof of her cave. The other is on the front face of her open vulva, below the clitoris, and above the vaginal opening. The opening to the vagina is called the introitus “in-troy-tuss” or introital sphincter.

Now you can double your pleasure or your female partner by stimulating BOTH areas of the G-Spot. Let me show you these g spot secrets. Read on!

g spot secrets


This illustration above depicts all the erectile tissue in the female vulva. The clitoral glans is purple. The clitoral hood and legs (crura) are blue. The labia majora (vestibular bulbs) are teal. These are all part of the clitoral system — the clitoris isn’t a tiny bump. What you can see is just a peek at the buried treasure.

In addition to the clitoral erectile tissue, other erectile tissue-filled structures surround the vagina. On the top or roof, you have the urethral sponge, often called the G-Spot. You can touch this outside her body, in front of her vulva, between the clitoral glans and vaginal opening.

There is also a perineal sponge between the floor of her vagina and rectum that is erectile tissue.

The vagina is surrounded by erectile tissue!

When a woman understands that her entire vagina is wrapped with erectile tissue, she knows that orgasms from penetration, even without direct clitoral stimulation, is possible.

Women have as much erectile tissue around their vagina as men have in their penis. Direct stimulation of the clitoral glans is just one area to touch. Touching and stimulating this tissue with fingers, tongues, and toys makes it swell up with blood. When erectile tissue gets swollen or “engorged,” it gets bigger. The bigger it is, the more surface area it has. The more surface area gets stimulated, the more pleasure signals get sent to the brain. The more pleasure signals there are, the easier it is for her to achieve her orgasmic potential.

All women can have orgasms from intercourse without even directly stimulating the clitoris at the same time if she gets enough pre-penetration stimulation and engorgement. Foreplay is meant for engorgement, verbal encouragement, and the creation of security and arousal.

A man would never choose to be intimate without an erection. Yet, women frequently have sex before they are fully erect.

The more frequently a woman masturbates, especially with quality pleasuring tools like the Lady Bi vibrator or Tiger pulsating thruster, the more engorged she gets internally and externally. The more often she gets engorged, the more quickly she engorges during lovemaking. 

Taking our organic Nitric Oxide supplement FLOW enhances engorgement and increases lubrication because it increases blood flow to the genitals.

Having an Expanded Orgasm practice allows a couple to lay down a couple of times a week for a pleasuring date, increasing engorgement.

Using the vFit at-home vaginal rejuvenation device increases engorgement in the vaginal canal, reverses incontinence, improves the vaginal microbiome, and increases lubrication. The vFit is adaptogenic in that if your vagina has gotten too tight from lack of use, it slowly improves resiliency and opens it to accommodate a toy or penis. Suppose your vagina has gotten lax or loose from loss of estrogen and tissue atrophy. In that case, it reverses the atrophy and tightens by thickening the vaginal mucosa — this also increases lubrication by making your tissue thicker and enabling more blood flow and lubrication.

I like the vFit as a pre-foreplay device because it gets deep into my vagina, and the red light, warmth, and vibrations engorge me deep inside. That makes intercourse feel way better. 

You need a good “grip” to have pleasurable intercourse. As women and men age, her vagina gets looser, and his penis gets smaller — both due to the atrophy of


Stimulating the entire internal vaginal canal keeps your sex life on the rails. Multiple places within the vagina love touch. The upper roof where the urethral sponge meets the vaginal canal is the ground zero G-Spot location. If it feels sensitive, stroke it gingerly into suppleness. Let it engorge and bloom out of the vagina. The pleasure of intercourse increases when you get that area ripe before penetration.

This is another G-Spot location, but before I go more into that, I want to mention a few other unique “spots” inside the vagina.

The first is past the urethral sponge area, and it’s called the anterior fornix. It loves to be stroked with fingers. By the way, our Female Liquid Orgasm program includes videos that show how a couple can awaken these areas or how a woman can do this herself using pleasure tools.

And here is my G-Spot Toy Guide, which comes with an explicit, up-close video using the tools. G-Spot tools can be used poorly and hurt a woman. It’s best to watch the video.

The pudendal nerves run on each side of the vagina at 3 and 9 o’clock if 12 is her clitoris. They love to be stroked and enlivened. She will feel this pleasure run down her legs.

And then you have the perineal sponge on the floor of the vagina, which loves stimulation.

Pleasure 360° degrees of her vaginal canal to fully revitalize and engorge it..


So where is the 2nd secret G-Spot? It’s on the front of the vulva below the clitoral glans and above the opening to the vagina. It’s where the pee comes out. All around that opening is a little rosebud of erectile tissue that loves to be licked and stroked and stimulated.

See the picture above? It’s what is marked as the #1 location. The more you pleasure that location, the more it blossoms and increases overall pleasure. The urethral sponge awakening is a source of emotional release and energetic rebooting and a deeply arousing stimulation area. Pleasure both the G-Spot’s internal and external facets to get it going, and use the

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to buzz it into bliss. Use the tongue for soft, wet decadence. By the time the penis enters the equation, m’lady will be in a puddle of Amrita.


Let me know if you have any questions. And especially let me know about the breakthroughs you achieve!


Get Female Liquid Orgasm by Tallulah Sulis, our resident squirtologist, and learn how to awaken the G-Spot, G-Spot healing, G-Spot sex positions, squirting, female ejaculation, and Amrita. Basically, you’ll learn a bunch of g spot secrets. This is one of our top selling programs! There are videos, audios, and ebooks to give you 360° DIY or couples strategies for having the most incredible orgasms!

Tim and Susan Bratton

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