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Performance Anxiety, Sex, and Erections

I’ve been helping men with their sex lives for over a decade.

One thing that brings them down (literally) is their stamina. Or lack thereof. 

Being able to last as long as they and their lovers want is a badge of honor for any man.

My friend and fellow sex teacher, Jim Benson, teaches a powerful body-based breathing and thrusting method that gives men this unstoppable power.

However, techniques have to be learned, understood, and practiced.

And while it’s straightforward, and any man can master it in a few days, some guys just want something quicker and easier. 

That’s why I want to speak to you about this today.

My dear friend, a board-certified urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis, has a NEW male supplement that helps guys experience maximum pleasure and intensified orgasms. 

Read below for more details, plus an inquiry from a fan about prolonging sexual pleasure

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male performance anxiety solutions


“Hello, Susan. I have a quick question about performance anxiety and not getting an erection with a woman even when I feel completely healthy. I get erections regularly. It happened to me the past 2 times (recently with 2 different women) and prevented me from having healthy intercourse. I know it’s all in my head, but I wondered if you offer any free tips or solutions next time? I was thinking, was it because of not that much experience at all, too high of expectations, and not being attracted to that woman or knowing them long enough? Thank you.” ― Johnny (not his real name) 


Hi Johnny, 

Performance anxiety is common. People rush sex too fast, put too much pressure on performance, and do not connect with their lovers. The psychological impact of performance anxiety can be hard on a man.

Mental and emotional performance issues can include:

  • Lack of confidence in bed.
  • Trying too hard to do a “good job.”
  • Getting overstimulated.
  • Inexperience.
  • Fear of failure or criticism.
  • Thinking about past performance issues. 
  • Self-criticism.
  • Sexual shame or abuse.
  • Not feeling attracted to a partner.
  • Anxiety about penis size.
  • Anxiety about being with a new partner. 
  • Anxiety about putting on a condom.

All it takes is a single experience of not getting it up to plant the seed of anxiety. You worry that the Big Guy might fail you again. Your mind starts swirling with negative thoughts and feelings of shame. This self-fulfilling prophecy makes you nervous the next time you’re with a partner. Anxious feelings interrupt the signals from your brain to your penis, creating more anxiety.

Depending on personal sexual history, the impact on a man can be mild or extreme. Men often feel quite a bit of shame; their self-esteem almost always takes a hit. If left unaddressed, the problem grows. Performance anxiety can loom so large and upsetting that some men give up on sex altogether.

The fact that nobody talks about it doesn’t help either. It’s not a topic you’ll hear in the locker room or over a couple of beers with your bros. As men, we’ve been taught to ignore our feelings and keep them bottled up. It’s a no-win situation. We don’t have anyone to talk to, and we can’t let ourselves feel what we’re feeling. That makes it easy for the fearful mind to get the upper hand.

What I want you to hear is this. The problem is with the fearful thoughts in your head and the anxiety they cause.

I have two recommendations, and I suggest you combine them. One is mental techniques to use in the heat of the moment.

The other is a daily supplement designed to minimize performance anxiety, general anxiety, and mood issues.


In the free downloadable ebook, Get Hard Instantly by Jim Benson and me, we offer you three techniques:

#1 Coming To Your Senses

#2 3D Sexual Turn-On Visualization

#3 The Sexual Trigger

You can download Get Hard Instantly here as my gift.

The daily supplement I’m going to recommend for you is PreLong. It’s formulated by a board-certified urologist and men’s sexual health doctor, Judson Brandeis, MD.


PreLong provides unstoppable sexual performance:

  • Helps overcome anxiety
  • Promotes healthy blood flow to your genitals and entire body
  • Gives sexual confidence in and out of the bedroom
  • Supports mental health and balanced mood
  • Helps keep you calm and collected
  • May help decrease nervousness and tiredness

You can learn more about it here.

Click Here To Check Out PreLong ⇐ Experience Maximum Pleasure And Intensified Orgasms 

I believe in this formulation so much that I’ve taken inventory of it and promoted it to my male fans and followers. 

It takes about 15-30 days for the full effect to hold. And you may experiment with taking extra or less, depending on how you feel.

If you try PreLong and these techniques, let me know how things go.

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