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Make Her Melt Like Cream In Your Hands

Read on to learn about sensual erotic touch. Did you know that some women can orgasm from a simple foot massage?

Or some erotic and sensual ear stimulation…

Or even from light and sexy kisses and nibbles on their neck? 

I know you do, but if you didn’t already know, ladies crave this kind of sensual play as well. 

But sadly, most men will never know this. Because most men can’t get a woman fully aroused even when she’s completely naked. 

No matter how “hot spots” on her body they touch. No matter how long they touch her. Many guys can never take a woman to the peak of her arousal and orgasmic potential. 

Think of her like a softly running faucet that, when handled with care and aroused to the point of bursting, you can turn her into a raging waterfall of lust and pleasure. 

How? By using just a few powerful touch secrets, any man can bring a woman to the brink of an orgasmic explosion — even while she’s still fully clothed!

If this kind of powerful, secret knowledge interests you at all, then take a good look at this brand-new material:

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This is based on the “Autonomic Neural Response” (ANR) pre-programmed in our nervous system. 

People who are skilled in hand-to-hand combat use this to their advantage. Since they can anticipate a human response ahead of time, they can use a series of combat moves to disarm or disable their opponents.

Now, here’s the real kicker:

Using this same unique approach, any man can automatically and effortlessly seduce any woman—all without having to say a single word to her.

Fact is, there are certain places on her body that, when touched, will light up her nervous system like a midnight airstrike.

Not only that, it will sharpen her senses and get her excited about doing the naughty with you. 

My good friend and fellow sex expert, Lloyd Lester, interviewed an ex-special forces combat expert who regularly makes women melt in her hands with these same techniques. 

Lloyd compiled all these erotic touch techniques in a brand new program of his called Effortless Erotic Touch. 

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Here’s a sneak peek of all the good stuff you’ll find inside Lloyd’s new program. 

  • The fundamentals of touching a woman even in everyday ways that automatically lights up her pleasure system like a Christmas tree
  • Use light touches on her fingers, hands, and wrists to make her naturally curious (and how to pump that curiosity up to heightened levels, making her crave more)
  • How to “not touch her” to amplify her anticipation and make her practically soak through her panties, waiting to feel your warm, strong hands on her body again
  • How to pick up on subtle changes in her body language to know exactly which forms of touch she craves the most and how to fulfill that craving in a way that fuels a rabid, unrestrained lust inside of her
  • A foolproof way to touch her to make her comfortable, gain her trust and feel an instantaneous connection with you. (And why it’s even MORE essential for guys who’ve been with a woman for a long time)
  • The “touch timing” indicator tells you when to escalate to the most personal and erogenous areas of her body. (And why no man should EVER touch a woman in these areas unless he spots them on her)
  • Why she’ll automatically shut you down for sex if you feel her in any of these five ways. (Warning: 90% of men are doing this and killing their sex lives without knowing it)
  • How to make every touch feel intimate, connected, and sensual so she can’t help but get incredibly turned on. And why most guys completely screw this up even if they already have a lot of experience with women
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sensual erotic touch

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