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Penis Size: Is There Anything More Important?

Penis Size: Is There Anything More Important?

I got a request from a men’s website to answer a few questions about penis size. I wanted to share them with you because I know a lot of guys do worry about their size. Is penis size important to women?

  • Is the bigger-the-better true when it comes to the size of a man’s penis? (I’d like to go along the route of it’s not what you have but what you do with it!)

Think in terms of averages. Most women’s vaginas are average-sized, as are most men’s penises. Which means they fit well together. A penis of 5-6” fully erect is more than enough for the average American. Measure from the abdomen to the top of the fully erect penis to the tip to accurately measure. The vaginal tissue has mechanoreceptors that feel good when the vaginal canal is stretched by penis entry. That’s why taking your time to entice the opening gives her greater pleasure. The girth of the penis is as essential and often physically more critical than the length because of these pressure sensors. 

The penis can be enlarged using a combination of a vacuum erection device (penis pump), a stretcher, PRP injections, and GAINSWave treatments or the use of the Phoenix Pro at home to stimulate new tissue growth. Within as little as a few months of alternate day use of pumping, a man can increase his penile dimension by as much as 25%. All men experience penile atrophy (loss of tissue) with age. 

Women also experience vaginal laxity as they age and experience loss of estrogen. This means his penis gets smaller as her vaginal canal gets bigger, reducing the “grip” of her vagina on his penis. When this happens to a couple, they may experience less sexual satisfaction. Using GAINSWave or the Phoenix Pro for him and FemiWave or the Phoenix Pro for her will reverse this atrophy and keep the parts fitting nicely together for ageless sexuality.

Improving overall blood flow using a Nitric Oxide booster supplement and eating leafy green vegetables and beets can make the penis more prominent and firm. Avoid antibacterial mouthwash or taking proton pump inhibitors or stomach acid blockers because they also reduce the body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide from foods. And women need as much blood flow to their genitals as their male partners because we all have the same amount of erectile tissue that feels better when it’s erect.  

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  • How can men feel more confident and comfortable with what they have?

Many men are embarrassed about the size of their flaccid penis, not realizing that even well-endowed men have nubs before erection. Just letting guys know they are normal helps a lot.


There is nothing to worry about if a man is smaller than 4” and his woman is happy with his pleasuring skills. If he wants to go the route of penis enlargement via pumping, GAINSWave, or Phoenix Pro and PRP injections, it will be an enriching experience for him. He can do something that works using these three natural, regenerative therapies together for maximum effect. The vacuum erection device, sized right and used correctly, works very well if he’s on a budget. That is an excellent addition if he can afford the luxury of GAINSWave treatments or the do-it-yourself Phoenix Pro. The PRP injections also called the P Shot, or Priapus Shot, are the frosting on the cake.

Women want well-groomed men who are present and emotionally connected. They want vulva massage, oral pleasuring, being held, words of adoration and encouragement, and a focus on their pleasure as much as they want intercourse. Being a man who knows how to slowly arouse a woman with myriad sexual skills can compensate for small overall penis size, often making it a non-issue.

  • Why do women think size matters if it’s not true? 

For some women, size does matter. There are women with very accommodating vaginas who need the capacity of a large penis to achieve a pleasurable climax. Some women want deep thrusting. Some women like the visual stimulation of a large, veiny, hard penis, while women like a large penis for oral pleasure. There is nothing wrong with a woman having preferences, just like her male counterpart who might prefer large breasts or small labia. It’s just that most women put penis size further down their list of preferences than factors such as being fun or knowing many ways to bring her to orgasm.

  • If size doesn’t matter, what should men focus on instead?

According to my primary research across thousands of sexually active women of all ages, being well-groomed tops her list of what she wants from a lover. It’s a simple but mighty request that is easy to accommodate and delights her. Who doesn’t want to be a lover that looks, tastes, and smells good? Following that, she wants her man to be present while they are intimate. Many men are in their heads, strategizing about “making her come.” 

She wants to feel an emotional connection, be made love to, and not had sex with. She cares as much about the flirting and romance before lovemaking as she does about the snuggling and appreciation after. 

Before and aftercare are part of the presence and attention she seeks in a sexual partner. And above all, she wants her orgasmic potential to be tapped. She wants to have clitoral orgasms, G-Spot orgasms, and vaginal orgasms. She wants to have fun, try sex toys, role-play, and have an active, engaging sex life. The size of his penis is but one tiny part of the whole package she seeks. 

Thus, men who focus on learning lovemaking skills — not from porn, which is degrading to women — but from intimacy experts who understand the female dynamic, female anatomy, and arousal and who share heart-connected pleasuring techniques satisfy their women and have durable, ecstatic sex lives.

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is penis size important to women

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