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This Yummy Candy Helps BURN Fat Naturally

This Yummy Candy Helps BURN Fat Naturally

Read on to learn more about this enzyme for weight loss.

You’ll never guess how one Cali-girl dropped 46 lbs of fat? She “chewed the fat away.” 

Not in the way you think, though, by kick-starting her body to completely digest her stomach’s contents. Thanks to a unique chewable dietary solution that thousands of women across America are now raving about.

A Harvard and Stanford discovery backed this “chewable” when it was discovered that the actual and underlying cause of weight gain was low amylase levels.

The amylase enzyme produced in our salivary glands helps break down food as we eat. 

The problem is that studies have found that A LOT of people have amylase malfunction. This is caused by amylase inhibitors like cereal grains (wheat, maize, rice, barley) and legumes (beans, cowpea, etc.) which are in practically everything. 

Low levels of amylase mean you’re not breaking down food right. 

And they end up stored in your body.

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These are called “Beach Ready Bites.” And these have supported people in losing excess fat. These bites contain a nutrient that helps you get normal, healthy levels of amylase enzyme. 

Each bite of food you take is reprogrammed to be burned and used for energy instead of stored as fat. 

And not only are these “Beach Ready Bites” effective… 

They taste sweet and delicious like out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. 

Directions say, take two of these “Beach Ready Bites” with every meal to support the fat melting away from your body.

When you are losing weight, it gets very liquid and then releases. Your skin may be loose for a while, but cold showers and red light therapy are the two things I have been doing since I lost 30 pounds over the last six months.

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I’m headed out to scuba dive in Belize. My doctor told me to take three things to fend off gastrointestinal travel issues. The first was an anti-bacterial/fungal/yeast supplement to prevent stray yuckies from eating unusual foods in a new country. The second was a probiotic to keep my gut healthy. The third was ENZYMES! Enzymes regulate your gut and help digest your foods. These Beach Ready Bites make sense.

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