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Eat Like A Lion

Human beings can do many more things than animals (rocket science, running a marathon, building houses, the list goes on and on). Read on to learn about foods to get hard.

However, there are also no other species that is more SCREWED UP, health-wise, than human beings. 

Think about it. We’re more advanced than ever before. We know more about how the human body works than ever before. We have more medicines and knowledge of ways to perform surgery on the body than ever before. 

And yet, we’re MESSED UP in ways that animals living in the wild never are. 

For instance: 

  • In the US today, obesity rates are as high as 70% in some states (FACT: no animal living in the wild is obese) 
  • Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes rates continue to rise (FACT: animals do not suffer from these diseases) 
  • And Low T and ED are now considered “normal” for guys over 40 (FACT: animals don’t get ED) 

So, here’s the thing:

If you, as a T-craving guy, want to boost your Testosterone Levels, have better circulation, and reclaim the kind of powerful sex drive and rock-hard erections you deserve… 

You’d be wise to look at some of the habits of animals living in the wild. 

For instance, the LION…

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My good friend and fellow sexual health expert, Adam Armstrong, opened my eyes to how men can take lessons from lions on what they eat to maximize testosterone and erection power.

Unlike modern-day Americans, and Europeans, who feast on bland, beige, processed diets (laden with refined sugar, trans fats, soy, and worse), lions eat like kings.

Watch a wildlife program, and check out what happens after a pack of lions brings down a Zebra or a Wildebeest. 

What do they eat first? 

Do they eat muscle meat, like we humans tend to eat? No, they do not! The LOW-STATUS lions — the ones who eat last — get the muscle meat.

The HIGH-STATUS lions eat the ORGANS. Why? Because they instinctively know that the organs of their kill are the most nutritious. The organs contain the most nutrients. Eating the organs will make them as strong, virile, and powerful as possible.  

The question is: “Which organs do the highest status male lions eat first? And, how can you use this knowledge — this instinctive Animal Wisdom — to improve your sexual performance?” 

Everything and more is explained on Adam Armstrong’s website.

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foods to get hard

If you’re a man, give this a read now. You deserve to know this.

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