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Vaginal Looseness & Sexual Sensation Loss

Read on to learn about the loss of sexual sensation.

Ok, so a new study of 119 women said…

Using a CO2 laser procedure to reverse vaginal atrophy, tighten vaginal laxity, and improve sexual sensation was significantly better in the study group vs. the control group.

loss of sexual sensation

They used two scores to determine an effective outcome: VHI and FSFI.

The Vaginal Health Index Score evaluates five parameters: vaginal elasticity, vaginal secretions, pH, epithelial mucous membrane, and vaginal hydration.

The Female Sexual Functioning Index assesses six domains of sexual function: desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain, in addition to providing an overall score regarding sexual function. 

Now here’s where it gets INTERESTING.

“In the study group, VHI and FSFI returned to baseline six months post-treatment. The median rate of sexual intercourse per month was increased in the study group at three months post-treatment (8 vs. 4, P = .011) and returned to baseline at six months post-treatment.

Bottom line?
You spend $2750 on average (according to for a CO2 laser treatment or series of treatments, and three months later, you’re no better off.

loss of sexual sensation


Come on! That’s a total rip-off. They took a bunch of skin machines, stuck the lasers in wands, and turned it into a service that works only temporarily and costs an arm and a leg.

In addition, these lasers hurt. They say it’s a lunch break thing… But they don’t tell you that your vagina weeps from the subcutaneous burns for days.

Lasers use hormesis — they create damage that your body repairs, thereby generating new tissue function. I’m not against hormesis generally, but if

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, then let’s do that. 

Especially if it’s cheaper. 

Even better if you can own the vaginal restoration device. Because naturally, you’re aging. (I’m sorry!) So your vagina will continue to atrophy. That’s why six months later, the women in the study were back to the issues they had started. 

When you own a VFit Gold, you can keep atrophy at bay and even reverse it. 

Whenever I feel my vagina getting irritated by intercourse or incontinence starts up again, I get out my trusty VFit Gold and start using it again.

This morning I used my

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The two red light sleeves go on my upper arms. I lost 30 lbs recently from working out, and the skin is very loose and crepey. The STIMULATES are doing AMAZING work on tightening that skin!

I check my emails, Instagram, and the news while I stimulate new hair growth and tighten the skin on my arms and rejuvenate my urogenital system and improve my sexual satisfaction with the VFit all at the same time.


I use my VFit Gold to:

  • Increase my sexual satisfaction (by keeping my internal systems engorged with the red light, warmth, and vibration)
  • Thicken my vaginal tissue because it thins as I age
  • Reverse vaginal looseness or laxity by stimulating the musculature with the pulse and warmth
  • Increase my natural lubrication (I have been so wet lately, and it turns me on!)
  • Support the introital sphincter (vaginal opening) because it gets frail with age and hurts from penetration
  • Reverse my urge incontinence (because, like aging, it comes back, and you have to maintain the tissue integrity to reverse the peeing issues)

I also use the VFit as a kind of pre-foreplay-up inside my vagina. Tim always gives me a fantastic Yoni massage before we have intercourse. But I like that the VFit engorges the inside of my vaginal canal — something hands don’t do as well.

If you have any of these issues, I will NOT start with CO2 lasers. I’ve done them. I think the VFit is far superior because you can use it continuously, it doesn’t hurt (it feels GOOD!), and you own the device.

If you try the VFit and follow the protocol and it still isn’t fixing your issues, THEN you might consider spending thousands on the laser treatments. And you can still maintain that effect afterward with the VFit. So you’ve lost nothing by doing both.

The JoyLux team is super good to me. I am their first non-doctor, and they’ve created a brand-new special offer for my fans.

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You now get the Photon Gel, wipes, a case, and a discount along with the Gold and the App FOR $389. This is a fantastic deal, and I hope you will give this gift to yourself.

It’s like saving $2,361 the first time you turn on your VFit Gold!

Email me or comment below if you have any questions or want to tell me your stories about your VFit.

To The Juiciest Vagina Ever!

 There are two other treatments I also like that “stack” with the VFit usage. One is the O Shot or Orgasm Shot. I explain the O Shots here. The other is the GAINSWave For Her. This is essentially GAINSWave for women. It’s an acoustic wave technology that stimulates new tissue growth in the vulva. If you have severe atrophy of the vulva and not just some laxity in the vagina, GAINSWave For Her with an O Shot is what I recommend. I’ll do articles on this procedure for you again soon. For now,

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  1. Will this help a woman who has a full hysterectomy a few years ago? She is dry and it seems my seaman burns her. I have had to start using a condom to help her not hurt afterward and to help her not get a yeast infection or bladder infection.

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