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HOT FINGERING Mastery: Elevate Pleasure with Expert Techniques

The best lovers know how to use their hands and fingers like a pro.

To give their woman pulsing pleasure that no other vibrator could match. 

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Why should you compete with a robotic, battery-powered device to pleasure your partner?

Many women are relying on sex toys to get fulfillment in the bedroom these days. The sadder reason is that many guys don’t know how to bridge the ‘gasm chasm and give their women the orgasmic pleasure our bodies crave.

Yet, sex toys are not entirely your enemy!

For instance — if you know what you’re doing, knowing your way around sex toys can make things better in the bedroom for you AND your lover.

But if your girl uses them exclusively, i.e., WITHOUT you in the picture…

… then you’ve got a REAL problem on your hands. 

So, how does a man compete with a dildo that never gets tired…

One that vibrates faster than a hummingbird’s wings?

My good buddy and famous sex expert, Lloyd Lester, has a whole new program focused on these fingerbangin skills.

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⇐ Pushes Her Orgasmic Threshold.

HOT FINGERING: TOUCH is the most crucial aspect of sex and intimacy.

Psychological research shows that even fleeting forms of touch can profoundly impact our emotional and social functioning.

Our skin contains receptors that directly produce emotional responses, such as stimulating her pleasure zones.

And the most exquisite instrument of touching?

They are your hands, lover!

With the RIGHT techniques, you can learn to finger her lady bits and make her feel like she’s met a lover who knows her body as well as she does (or even better!)

Moreover, you can even blow her mind with interior fingering techniques, which many women struggle to enjoy alone.

Your lover is probably not a porn star, so thrusting fingers in and out of her body with a contortionist’s skill is probably not on her to-do list.

But she can’t do it comfortably, which makes a man having this fingering skill set so valuable!

You can take this fingering experience way over the top, into realms she can only dream about by herself.

For example, due to the position and angle required of her fingers, most women cannot stimulate the G-spot properly to give themselves a G-spot orgasm.

But with these powerful techniques, you can almost effortlessly give her the climax she can’t give herself!

There’s a LOT more you can do with your fingers to blow her mind in the bedroom completely…

And if you are not using your hands expertly to pleasure your woman, you are both missing out.

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⇐ Gives Her Orgasms That Roar In On The Crest Of A Tsunami

odule 2 is called Hot Handiwork for Beginners And Beyond. You’re ready to unleash your lover’s next level of orgasmic delight.

You’ll discover the following:

  • The “Outside-In” method stimulates her to heights she’s never felt before. Best part… You don’t need special finger skills to make this work (pages 9 – 11)
  • It is a sneaky way to use toys in the bedroom to increase her pleasure and get her to give YOU credit for it. Her “solo sessions” will never satisfy her the same way after you apply this unique technique (pages 11 – 13)
  • The “Dither and Thrust” technique uses fingering and penetration at the same time! Get ready for her to quiver like she’s possessed (page 19).
  • What’s better? One finger, two… more? The answer will surprise you and her! (page 8)
  • The “Wrinkled Wrangler” method introduces anal fingering in a way that won’t turn her off. Prepare her to BEG for “backdoor penetration” and COME like a well-trained puppy (page 27).
  • Lloyd calls “The 3 Amigos” a nifty method to give her intense clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation simultaneously and with one hand behind her back! (page 28)
  • “Finger Frenzy” – The signature technique gives her more hair-raising pleasure in mere minutes than she’s probably felt in months! (Pages 31 – 33

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⇐ Supersize Her Pleasure Peaks With These StrokeGasm Techniques 

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