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What Men Mean When They Say “I Love You”

Symbol of Affection: Man's Heart Sign

Hey there, beautiful!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you think you’ve found the one, but something doesn’t feel right? 

You feel like you’re doing everything possible to keep the relationship strong, but somehow things keep falling apart. It’s like you’re speaking two languages, and nothing seems to make sense.

Well, my dear, it’s not just you. 

“Love” means something entirely different for men than it does for women. When he tells you, “I love you,” he might not be saying what you think he’s saying or what you hope he’s saying. You speak different languages, and the meaning is getting lost in translation.

I will link to a video below explaining this through the story of a woman who had to discover what “love” means for a man the hard way. 

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You see, for most women, “Love” means obsession, craving, absolute dedication, eternal partnership, and a willingness to slay dragons just to see you smile. But for men, it means something completely different. 

Can you guess what that is? If not, you must watch this video to discover what “Love” secretly means to a man.

Understanding what “Love” means to men is crucial if you want to have a great relationship with them. 

If you’ve been falling for the “wrong” guy and getting hurt even though you thought he “loved” you, this will be a huge eye-opener and change your life forever. 

You’ll finally understand what he’s saying and why he acts the way he does.

Imagine if men had a different definition of “blue” than you did. It would mess things up, wouldn’t it? That’s why it’s so important to understand what “Love” truly means to men. 

It’s the key to unlocking their hearts and building a solid and healthy relationship.

So, my dear, don’t wait any longer.

Watch this video to learn the absolute truth about men’s hearts and what “Love” truly means to them right now. It could change your life and your relationships forever. 

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